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What if a leader deletes the game

The title says it I think.

Our leader is less and less active, now we were wondering what happens if he just deletes the game. Will the Alliance still exist or will it be deleted as well?

Couldn’t find info about when that happens.

So long as the leader doesnt disband the alliance, it will be okay. Best is to get the leader to pass the leadership to someone.


Thank you for your answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I believe as the leader quit, the leadership is passed to another member of the alliance. Not sure how the new leader is chosen but it’s probably oldest player in the alliance, in line? So I would not worry about it.

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Probably but it could also pass down to the highest ranked player

This happened to me when alliances first started. The leader went awol so I kept posting in game chat an alliance name that I was going to create, and anyone who wanted to continue as a group could search it up and join.

If a leader quits, their account doesnt disappear so they will just be a dead account in the alliance.

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You’re right, I guess I interpreted it as “leave alliance”… Which any good leader should do before deleting the game, but yep, being inactive is the worst thing that could happen… More than likely probably didn’t even bother to name officers, co-leads and so on… If that’s the case, I’m guessing Dankysaurus suggestion is truly the best, simply start over…


Fortunatly I’m co leader of our Alliance, but it does feel hypocrite to kick out in active members when our leader is one.

We are discussing what and how we are going to do. :thinking:

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A leader isn’t allowed to leave an alliance unless the leadership is passed to someone else. And if the leader simply deletes the game, nothing happens and the leader is still in the alliance.

Since you’re already co-leader, I would ask him to transfer leadership to you; you can make him co-leader. Then if he quits you can kick him, just like you would any inactive member.

But the point is, it can create real problems if a leader stops playing without transferring leadership. It happened to my original alliance, long before other roles existed. Ludia could not help us and we had to create a new alliance (that’s why we’re Dazed Dinos II). But it shouldn’t be necessary, and you might lose good members if you had to start a new alliance.

GL! I hope he does what’s best for the alliance he (probably) created.

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