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What if all tanks had impact, no more rampage?

Would that make them unusable? Would they still fill their role?

I’m curious why you’re suggesting that change? Off the top of my head, Tragodist would suffer…yes it has SS and Greater Stunning, but Rampage is its primary source of damage…that 0.5x difference would be big for it.

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I’m trying to take an objective step back and figure out what role tanks are meant to fill. Right now we have 2(?) tanks without a rampage (3?) - the long necks. The rampage does feel right on trag due to his low hp. Stegodeus doesnt seem like he needs it.

My goal: allow tank busters to bust tanks better. Maybe a tank speed nerf?

What is a tanks role? To slow and kill fast things imo, such as raptors and their ilk (tany etc).

Just kind of trying to think through it.

If you take away their ability to damage an opponent, you lose balance. In the real world, evolution helps both predator and prey alike and does not favor one over another. By taking away tanks ability survive, eventually both suffer. Look at a cheetah…fastest land animal in short spans. Even he loses most of the time. Why? Because his prey is faster over distance. If the cheetah caught everything, he would have nothing to eat next time. (*I’m aware this is a game, just using science for background)
Why nerf tanks? They do not have a distinct edge over tank busters. Just use the right tank buster.