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What if boosts were less effective at lower levels

for example, a level 10 dinosaur speed boost increases it by .1, 11 by .2 and so on until it finally reaches 2 per boost at level 30. It would also mean a dino can’t be boosted unless its level 10, doesnt matter if ur account if level 10. Level 30 dino would be the same boosts as it is now, but boosts are less effective at lower levels. This would mean lo leveled players cant just boost and get to like 3 higher arenas. at least it might help aviary out a little

I feel like cunnings should get extra speed for their speed boosts, so that they don’t need to spec as much into Speed to outspeed these nitro Thors and Mortems.

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I don’t see how it will help lower level players to be at a speed disadvantage against level 30 thoradolosaurs with 145 speed…

It would be better if speed boosts were proportional to the base speed of the relevant creature. 2% per speed boost on a velociraptor you would need 5 speed boosts to take it from 132 to 145.2 speed. While now 5 speed boosts would take it from 132 to 142.

Looking at this 2.5% like for health and damage boosts might even be better.