What if.... dbis

I have a few thoughts. I’m gonna call them my what if series.

What if dbis reset every 8 hours?

Reasoning: I sure as heck can’t keep up with daily boost sales or speeding up incs. I don’t expect either to go away. So how about providing some extra incentive to battle frequently for us f2p - give us a chance to get more boosts?

I know hardcores will then be “obligated” to do this every 8 hours. To that I say - let us stack to 4. If you still feel obligated well, I dont have an answer for you.

To those who say - but then alliance quests or daily quests will be adjusted to compensate! But what if they weren’t? Ludia if you do this, just leave those alone. Not like itd be game breaking to get the DBI part of alliance quests done early.


Sign me up.
I usually have enough HC saved up to buy a single 25 pack of one boost type per week, if that. No way I’m keeping up, and definitely not spending money to try.

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Ludia(crous) only takes. It doesn’t give…

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Please no. There is so much short time interval things (sanctuary interaction, free incu, dino spawns) which require frequent interaction with game at specific times.

DBI is one I can progress through whole day or stack battles on evening/breakfast depending which is convenient.


You want the DAILY battle incubator to reset 3 times… DAILY.

Yeah, that’s a no from me Dawg.

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What if… No.

Thank you for presenting your disagreement in a rational and kind manner! I respect that.

…Well… What if they changed the name and didn’t call it a daily battle incubator anymore? Does that make it viable?

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I’m sorry, all I heard was “I want more free boosts.”

What was the question again?

I take exception with the word “free”. Free would mean I login and they’re in my mailbox. I’m asking for more opportunities to earn them.

And believe me, battling more in arena to get them? That’s hardly free.

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