What if?... Dinosaur Viewing


Each of us has some form of story, scenario, or vision when we play. I like to think I’m capturing dinosaurs to release them into specialized sanctuaries. I’m sure others envision taking them back to the Lockwood mansion, etc. What if our profile pictures determined how we view our dino’s? Like, mine is the raptor pack that looks like they’re in a forest. What if I were to view my dinosaur collection, and because of my profile, when I select a dinosaur to view it, it shows it in a natural type habitat? Say I select my ankylosaurus; instead of an incubation lab, there’s a (super) short cutscene, and now I see my ankylosaurus in 3D in an open field, grazing. Or my Raptor, (short) cutscene, now I see him in the woods, stalking some small critter. And the reverse for people who have profile pics of dinosaurs in lockup. There can be a small cutscene of them going to the Lockwood Estate, down below to the cages. The screen rushes past other cages to rest upon whatever dinosaur they selected, presumably trying to escape the cell. I feel it would not only be a fun new way to see our dinosaurs, but also add a little depth to whatever story we have created for ourselves.


It would be nice if we could name our dinos


Sounds like added fun and imagination!
@hoflltAntonioselllp I would like to set my own nickname them too. I do now, but to add it into my game would be cool.


I’m already a member of the DPG. I research the behavior of these animals in my local area, while occasionally charting migration patterns, taking DNA samples to help repopulate herds, and i share what information I’ve obtained here:


I just play with the idea that I am capturing them to both protect the public and put them in a nice new island far away from people. Not a park but a preservation.


See? Now how cool would it be, when you select a dinosaur from your list, to be able to see them in one of those presentations? Full 3D immersion, instead of just an incubation chamber.


The more I view my dinosaurs the more I imagine them as something like a hologram. I can interact with it and observe it but it’s not actually a dinosaur. The actual dinosaurs are in comfortable enclosures on an island.

And the battles? Also a simulation because why not?


I hadn’t thought of it that way. Cool vision. :slight_smile: