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What if each Unique had their own exclusive move

My ideas:

Trykosaurus: Distracting Shattering Rampage (deals 2x damage, bypassing armor and shields while lowering opponents attack by 50% for 1 turn)

Thoradolosaur: Slowing Shattering Strike (deals 1x damage, bypassing armor and shields, slowing a dino by 50% for 1 turn)

Tenentorex: Swap in Acute Stun (100% of stunning when swapped in)

Quetzorion: Nullifying Rampage (nothing else has this move, so…)

Stygidaryx: Cleansing Swoop (same as above)

Indoraptor: Cleansing Pounce (deals 2x damage, lowering opponent’s attack by 50% for 1 turn, cleanses user)

Erlidominus: Swap in Cloak (activates cloak upon swap in)

Grypolyth: Ferocious Defense Shattering Strike (buffs damage by 33% for 3 turns, bypassing armor and shields)

Pterovexus: Evasive Wound (activates evasion for 3 turns while putting on a 33% wound effect on the opponent)

Diloracherius: Stun and Run (1x damage and 75% chance of stun while swapping into your next dino)

Any others you can think of, feel free to post down below

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doesn’t quetzorion already have nullifying rampage?

Which is why i posted that it already has that move as a signature move, so it didnt need one. Same goes for stygidaryx

I really, really like this idea! They’re unique so give them something unique to them.

Some of these are pretty broken. Swap in Cloak? Distracting Shattering Rampage? Pass.

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