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What if Indoraptor had existed in Jurassic World incident (2015) instead of Indominus rex

Just for fun to think that Dr.Wu didn’t take the idea of Indominus rex project but ended up use it to complete the further more successful project like Indoraptor and planed to use it as park attraction (even though they didn’t take raptors as park attraction lol)

If Indominus rex could plan up some scheme to escape from the containment so did Indoraptor.

But unlike the original timeline. Indominus rex was running away from chasing helicopter then smashed through the Aviary. Causing the havoc around the island by Pterosaurs that ultimately led to the fall of Jurassic world.

They would be too dump to use helicopter to chase after Indoraptor in the dense forest with that smaller body. So the chaos in Aviary would be unlikely happened.

  • Will those Asset Containment unit be enough to catch Indoraptor?
  • Or the IBRIS project will be more effective?
  • Or… they will end up side with the superhybrid like they do in the original timeline

Let’s recreate the scene where Indoraptor has exist in Isla Nublar in 2015!


For one, assuming it doesn’t figure out a way to climb out of the paddock, and events play out the way they did in the movie till the Indominus’ escape, Owen would probably be dead since the Indoraptor would likely have been small and fast enough to clear the paddock gate and escape without having to bust out. Plus, the Indoraptor is lower to the ground and has good enough hearing for echolocation, so it likely would have been able to find Owen even if it didn’t manage to kill him before he hid himself.

This would have major consequences on the raptor squad’s role in the film.


I honestly think the Indoraptor does not have echolocation, and whoever wrote that in its profile was mistaken. The Indoraptor made that pretty clear when it failed to detect main characters so many times in its film. Maybe the director himself said it. It still isn’t true. It’s like saying a Rhyperior can crack a mountain in half, and still taking 3 shots to down a Piplup. I’m sure y’all Pokemon people know what I’m talking about.

As for what the Indoraptor would do… Keeping in mind that like the I-Rex, some military madman’s behind all this and intentionally trying to find how destructive & powerful these things can be.

I’m sure it would’ve found a way out. In the 2nd movie, the Indoraptor was more interested in eliminating all the nearest targets before moving out into the world. Owen & Claire would’ve been in more immediate danger than the rest of the park. They do have protagonist immunity, so the Indoraptor likely would’ve left them eventually and then wandered away.

The Indoraptor is not as large as Indominus, so it probably not have killed sauropods as quickly or covered ground as fast. Honestly, in the movies, I believe Indominus is the superior killer. The Indoraptor just has an easier time fitting inside buildings. It’s better for the military because it’s easier to produce, feed, and control. It’s also smaller, which makes it more versatile and also a smaller target. But if you need to lay waste to a field of dinosaurs, go with Indominus. Indom wins in a dino fight.

The Indoraptor would have made for a longer operation. It would’ve taken longer getting to the park, but it also would’ve taken longer to find & detain. The hunt would’ve gone for a matter of days, with some characters turning up dead or missing.

The military guys show up prepped to kill, and they do so before carnage reaches the civilians. Hoskins is getting eager. But he’s more intent on rushing to the prize than setting up a perimeter.

This hybrid is the first experimental prototype, so it has not been engineered to follow commands from a laser pointer. I’ll get that out of the way now, in case anyone’s thinking about it.

Park HQ finds the Indoraptor near the Aviary. Hoskins’ boys surround the area. Masrani’s flying overhead with a machine gunner, just like they did for Indominus. The Indoraptor kills some troops, but they manage to send it running and corner it. The Indoraptor makes it inside the aviary, which surprises them. But it’s running out of room. The troops enter. Between the pterasaurs and all the concealing flora, this place is more dangerous. The Indoraptor pounces someone with a rocket launcher. He pulls the trigger, blowing a hole in the wall. The pterasaur disaster and Masrani’s death still occur.

Indoraptor gets in the park.

Owen would have known beforehand that it’s part velociraptor. If he wasn’t told, he would’ve figured it out. He still would’ve taken his pack against it, but he’d be more prepared. Indo thus has a harder time taking over, and it kills Echo or Delta to assert dominance. Blue is not pleased. Indo breaks a run for it and escapes. Blue is upset and rejects Owen’s leadership. She takes her pack and runs her own hunt, vigilante style.

Indoraptor gets back in the park. He makes it to the main guest building. Military surrounds it. They block all entrances. They have explosives and flamethrowers. They plan to destroy the building and the Indoraptor with it. Only catch to the plan: Owen’s raptors are in there too.

Owen & Claire defy Hoskins and enter the building. Some guests are still on their way out. The troops have to wait for guests to leave, but they tell Owen & Claire they have a time limit. Claire goes to the main office to look at security cameras.

Claire runs into Echo. She tries clicking a pen like Owen does. Echo’s not really buying it, but it keeps her alive until Blue gives further orders. Echo leaves. Claire reaches the cameras.

She sees Blue has found the Indoraptor. The Indoraptor’s near an underground tunnel to the Mosasaur exhibit. They have a dilemma: Inform Hoskins’ troops. They can then finally reach the Indoraptor, and gun it down as well as the raptors. Or they can put their faith in Blue and hope the raptors don’t get gassed/burned. Caught between that mess and the Indoraptor would not be pretty. Or they can try and find another solution.

This is when Owen starts pulling some really daring stuff. He goes to the basement floors himself. He finds Blue’s squad tracking Indo. They’ve got it suck hiding in a large chamber. It sneak attacks, kills Echo, and breaks a run for it. Owen takes a moment to mourn, and the remaining raptors join him. They then continue their search.

Claire tells Owen what she’s seeing on security cameras. There’s a massive circle where you can walk around the Mosasaur. This is also where its water filter and temperature controls are. Indo goes around to the other side and starts tearing down the long hanging lights. Its area is now dark.

The Indoraptor damages glass on the Mosasaur’s exhibit from the outside, trying to break it. It then discovers the water filter and cuts the tubes.

The raptors hear Indo’s work and investigate. They see it, but then the damaged filter pipes explode entirely. Water conquers the area. Owen & the raptors get washed back to the basement of the main guest building.

Claire gets a crazy idea. She dramatically raises the temperature in the Mosasaur’s tank, increasing its anxiety. She then activates emergency lighting where Indoraptor damaged the glass. The Mosasaur manages to break through. This floods the place faster and puts the Indoraptor in greater danger. Now that there’s a hole, the Mosasaur can make it bigger. Claire uses emergency lights to find the Indoraptor and use the Mosasaur against it.

Unfortunately, the military minds behind the Indoraptor had amphibious operations in mind. Did you know the Indoraptor’s also part crocodile? Neither did I. It survives the flooding part, at least.

Hoskins tells Claire her time is up, but she then tells them about the underground tunnel. Since that place is flooded now, they can’t make things worse anyway.

Owen sees Raptor #3 get her head smacked on a corner and washed into a lab room. She dies. Kinda kills me to say it, but I think the idea is to have only Blue remain. Owen still makes it out. He doesn’t see Blue anywhere. Owen’s COMMS got killed by water, so Claire can’t warn him about the Indoraptor. Owen’s running up to Claire & Claire runs down to Owen. Hoskins walks in too, and he’s pretty thoroughly ticked. He makes a big phone call, and then says he has carpet bombers coming. After the T-Rex incident in California, some people listen to people like Hoskins.

Owen & Claire head out of the area, putting the troops between them & the danger zone while they think up their next move. They don’t want this place blown up. They run to the safe house because the fliers are still around.

The Indoraptor jumps out the basement entrance & kills Hoskins. Most of his men had already left. The few that remained get killed. Claire gets word from HQ. She decides to release the T-Rex and leads her to the Indoraptor’s killing zone.

The Indoraptor is quite scarred by now. When the T-Rex shows up, Indo says nope. Just like she has with every other big encounter, she goes for an escape.

But Blue predicted the escape route, and she was there waiting. She was sneaky. She tackles the Indoraptor and takes it within Rexy’s reach. It evades and a big fight ensues. Owen picks up an assault rifle & joins the fight. They take it down.

Claire informs the HQ that the Indoraptor’s gone, and HQ gets the carpet bombers called off. Show’s over.


I suppose it’s possible. Perhaps that was something the perfected version would have? But still, the Indoraptor we know is specifically stated to not be the perfected version.

As for the Indo’s actions in the movie, perhaps they were deliberate. Perhaps it was just toying with its prey, like when it leaned in over Maisie in her bed. While it didn’t have Blue’s empathy, it still had the Indominus’ intelligence after all.
And the Indominus was intelligent enough to hunt for sport. Perhaps it considered attacking prey when it had no chance to flee bad sporting practice. But it did speed-ambush that guy in the trailer…
Perhaps it just wanted to see the light leave their eyes as it mauled them. Like how it toyed with the guy who entered its cage. It definitely seems to have some dark sense of humour.


I think the actual statement regarding its echolocation was in the mobile app for the toys.

That was the great write! I’m really enjoy your writing :slight_smile: