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What if instant charge bound the user for a turn?

The suggestion is meant to mitigate the use of chaining priority damage moves together while also incapacitating a dino.

In other words - this would stop thor from instant charging into a rat swap in.

To compensate make stun chance 100% idc.



Thor sucks. What makes it bad are boosts.


Or, just hear me out, or priority moves can go before a swap-in cause they’re, ya know, PRIORITY


I think that would balance it better.

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Ok actually this is THE BEST option, but Ludia doesn’t like that for some reason.

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Thor definitely does not suck. Look at the most recent tourney. It’s actually very balanced.

I am trying to look at the real problems here. Not just pinpointing one dino.

To me the problem is: double high dmg priority moves with a stun thrown in to stop you from reacting.

Dont get me wrong, I hate the rat. I also love thor believe it or not. But priority moves being priority doesn’t solve for this. (Not saying I agree or disagree- that suggestion and this one dont have to be mutually exclusive.)

I don’t claim to know best or have all the answers, but its healthiest for the game to look at problems wholistically. Instant charge by itself is fine. Rat by itself is a problem and needs correcting, but together they shut down thor counters. Strategy is fine, but its not strategy if it always works. At that point its simply common sense.

Another case of let’s nerf [insert a general ability] because 1 creature that has said general ability is broken, thus nerfing other perfectly balanced creatures!

For once I agree with Ludia on something.


Never nerfing is a bad strategy. If all you ever do is boost things, you end up with power creep.

Balanced approach that makes sense is the best way.

I agree, not nerfing at all can create powercreep. But in this case, you really only need to nerf 1 thing. Nothing else. Zero. Zip. Nada. I despise rat as much as the next guy but you don’t need to nerf balanced creatures that just so happen to have the same ‘type’ of ability as a broken creature. Do you really want a Daryx NERF?

I think i agree with you but I’m confused what skin Daryx has in this game. He doesn’t have instant charge.

it has a swap in ability. Allowing instant abilities to go before swap in abilities nerfs all swap in ability dinos.


Ohh you were talking about, ahh nevermind. I’m dumb. I read that as if you were, ah just ignore it. Sorry

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Wait I, arghh I need sleep

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time for a nap.


Good idea fellow human being

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Ah. That wasnt my suggestion (I really don’t wanna weigh in in that lol)

And no worries @Erlikdom !!! The two ideas are getting conflated :frowning:

For context potential impacted dinos

Nope, that would unbalance arena more than boosts. Perfect example is Phorusaura. Swap in dodge or swap in invincibility now counter Instant Rampage. If priority moves go first there are very few counters for Phorusaura.

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Yeah, this kinda got off topic a bit.
Tho binding for a turn after instant charge may sound like it would fix the issue, i’m not entirely sure. It would stop thor IC into DC, but Rinex might be out of luck. It wouldn’t be able to run right after if necessary. Same with stigy. (not so much rare draco cause swap in definite strike. Don’t really need that coming back again either.) It doesn’t matter to para or sinocera due to their cleansing abilities. Not too sure on Allosino or Utasino. For me they typically stayed in regardless, but it really depends on how people play them.

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That’s a good point. Another angle could be giving distracting dinos immune to stun. Distracting dinos are supposed to be thor counters.

Yet another, though I would not know how hard it is to implement, would be to prevent dg2 from being usable after a priorty move.

This is the type conversation I wanted to have :slight_smile: