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What If Ludia Add Dens Raids

Hello Anyone who reading this, Im PestyPotato and i came up with a new feature called Dens Raids, they kinda regular raids but more diverse.

How it work is that you and three other use to battle mutiple round of creatures and a boss for reward such as coins ,DNA, and more

So what different about Den Raids from Raid bosses so ask? let me explain

  1. it can both single and muti player, meaning you and other do fight together or you can go solo
  2. only a one creature minimun for each player, this means you can go solo and bring four of your creatures or you and a friend can bring two each, they are many more combos too
    3.on the map, dens do not move
  3. there will many types of dens, some might has special requirements that limit the creatures you can use
  4. every round will have minions
  5. you fight the den boss on the last round, any other round will just be minions
  6. minions for each round can be random but will fit the theme and difficulty of the dens
    8.the only way to beat a den to beat all the rounds and the only way to beat a round to takedown all the creature, this means on the last / boss round, you must also beat the minions of the last/boss round like how if beat the totem pokemon in pokemon sun and moon and there still a ally pokemon, the battle won’t end until you beat it
  7. after you beat the dens, the prizes can range from DNA, coins, darts, cash, and even scents and FIPs, how much you get is based the den difficulty and what DNA you get is based on the type of den

now that you understand how dens work here are some reason why they be should/could be added ludia

  1. custom dens, for example, you can has a snowy den for winter or Christmas with and only allow Cenozoic creature or a lunar new year dens with creature from Asia
  2. Apex dens, these apex dens are special dens were apex creautre and there minions live,
    and while apex dens only appear for one day a week, what make them special are custom minions with new moveset and looks, like a meiolania with spikes and a armor piercing counter or a dimorphodon that yellow and can distract. apex dens allow have the highest reward
  3. lasty, players can have a break from normal raid while still profiting

ok im done, thx for reading this and if you what to tell me your opinion, feel free to reply


This is actually really good. However, point one is not a difference, and I would restrict the max number to just 1, maybe 2 at the most. The rest of this is fine, but maybe you can collect rewards as you beat a round, such as beat round 1, 20 darts, round 2, you keep the 20 darts, and if you beat it 500 coins, etc till it ends.

your right number 1 isn’t a difference, also the reason i allowed a single player to bring more than 1 creature is to make dens more flexible, and the idea of gaining reward each round is perfect

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I’m fine with multiple creatures, but I do think a limit of 2 should be fine. It’s hard enough with one!

i geuss a max of 2 is fine, i don’t want dens to be that easy

But overall pretty good idea. Though knowing Ludia, they ain’t gonna listen. :persevere: