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What if Ludia Teamed up with W-Dragon…

And produced a line of resin figures like their impeccable Indominus Rex and Indoraptor ones? Would you buy one, and if so, which one? I for one would consider a Parasauthops.


I love the details on these

I would like Testacornibus and Troodon JWTG styled

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It’s interesting how three different versions of Troodon have shown up in Jurassic Park/World games. I wonder which one is closest to the real thing? Too bad we don’t have any soft tissue imprints, let alone feather imprints.


The JWTG version is closer to the real thing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I want one SO bad of Grylenken


definetly not the game from telltale or whatever company made the console game. They were not venomous or anything. They dont have the modifications of the teeth and snout bones to produce and inject venom into their prey or predators. The most accurate one would be the jwtg one probs since it has feathers

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Diorajasaur would be awesome.


Would love mortem, hydra, constrictor, paratops, and indot


Now this is something that I would absolutely love.
Would be awesome to have a Mortem and Lux with a little glow in the dark materials.


I wanna see trebax and ref so bad now that I think abt them

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I would like to see a Spinoconstrictor. :snake:


Agreed on that! I’d love to see Dioraja and Tryko :heart_eyes:


Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. We don’t have feather imprints associated with Troodon, but I understand the mainstream theory is that maniraptoran dinosaurs evolved into birds. I happen to hold to the minority theory that dinosaurs and birds are not related. I only mentioned the Telltale games version tongue in cheek, lol.

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None, Troodon as a such didn’t actually exist. The genus has been assigned as a synonym to Stenonychosaurus and Latenivenatryx and became a tooth taxon. And, if anything, troodontids were maniraptorians, so they had feathers, meaning that JWTG’s one would be the most accurate one.


Oh yes :partying_face:

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They are related tho. Just like birds and reptiles are related bc bird feet instead of having feathers, they have scales for protection and to prevent water loss. There is a ton of proof for everything but you are entitled to your own opinion, even if it is right or wrong

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Refrenantem for me please.

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Einiasuchus would be cool

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Just to be sure, you wouldn’t be particularly interested in hearing why I’m still not convinced, right? I’m not a denier of evidence, I simply interpret it differently in light of other evidence. But if you wanted to help someone who may be ignorant, I can appreciate that.

Go ahead. I hope I can convice you since I know a lot abt dinosaurs and animals due to me knowing a lot about zoology bc I’ve taken classes and my whole life is has been learning about animals and dinosaurs. I have always loved them