What if..? More Veristile Fierce?

Lately I’ve been thinking, we need more fierce in the current meta that is more versatile… I mean not just chomp and buff dmg… So I thought why not a fierce flock. Flocks introduce a lot of unique and interesting abilities to the game, which could possibly help the fierce class if implemented correctly. A fierce flock could probably only have 2 flock members since they usually are bigger and have a lot more health compared to cunning. I’m uploading this idea because I believe this could help the fierce class a lot, it could also give ideas to the devs to improve the fierce class in general

This is my idea of what they could look like, although Ik it may be unbalance, this is just to give ideas)


Shields are a resilient trait. So this creature isn’t a true fierce but a fierce resilient.

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This is more of a Wildcard than a Fierce. I’d remove the counter and give it On Escape Pinning Strike for Swap In Lockdown. Also I’d completely remove Crit Chance Reduction immunity and buff Vulnerability Resistance to 100% and Decel Resistance to 75%. Also Fierce Recovery needs to include how much it rally heals when Threatened.


Furthermore I believe that it should a bigger fierce attack than prowl

Prowl has dodge, which is cunning, making it less fierce. Lovely idea, just it’s not a fierce.


True. But wouldn’t this mean that marsupial lion is a cunning fierce?


IMO it is. Remember, Ludia can’t classify creatures if it could save their games.


I would change Prowl to a type of Critical Strike (Maybe ABAS but an Impact?) and have Fierce Recovery Buff Damage instead of shield when Secure.

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That’s what I believed as well, but they gave diplo a shattering move and marsupial lion a dodge move, these both aren’t resilient or fierce moves, so I assume that they can do the same for a fierce

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I do like this idea, but this really doesn’t feel like a true fierce.


The idea is to bring more versatility to the class. Heal is a resilient move but cunning flocks are receiving it, I believe some moves are not completely exclusive to a class, like dodge, heal, stun, etc.

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I agree that fierce need more versatility, and that some moves aren’t exclusive to a class even if they’re more strongly associated with one (like Ferocity being mostly fierce, but being on something like Woolly Mammoth with no issues). Healing is another great example. It just so happens that Shields and Dodge are probably too strongly associate with their respective classes to be on a fierce dino while keeping it as a pure fierce. Acceleration and Vulnerability would probably be ok though.


Fierce is an incredibly limited class in itself. I think it needs a new kind of effect to increase diversity within the class, not borrowing the abilities of other classes.


If you look at all 3 classes, Fierce are the most blunt and boring ones. Heck their move “Fierce” has the least amount of effects compared to Cunning and Resilient Strike. It doesnt even apply a negative effect (though I’ve posted about adding pin to it because lets be honest, nothing is walking fine after a Tyrannosaur bites it) and only effects very specific cases. At least Cunning and Resilient Strike can help a little against their own classes and the classes the strikes are countered by. Fierce attacks? Nope. Plus unlike Cunning and Resilient which have ways of avoiding damage, Fierce doesnt. Any Fierce creature has to borrow from Cunning or Resilient for Shields/Distraction/Dodge as a way to lower someone’s damage. Normal Fierce moves can’t do that. Could do something called Aggression that lower’s damage by 50% and it comes in attack boosting moves and have Cunning Strike nullify that as well.


Marsupial lion has prowl and it’s a fierce

We definitely need something extra to spice up the fierce class a bit.

Thats also the main issue in the game, too many cunning

They’ve already added plenty of resilient and cunning, it’s inevitable for them to start adding more fierce


The best thing is to remove some cunning and resilient in the next update

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