What If RNG ISN'T The Problem?

RNG is not the major issue. It’s because when people lose, it’s less likely for them to admit they played poorly rather than blaming on RNG. On instinct people don’t want to admit it’s their fault, so they blame on something else.

I’ve been on a losing streak sometime ago and I noticed after I lost a few matches, I started to make dumb mistakes and later when I rethink about those matches, I found that if I had played correctly, I could have won some of those matches even if my opponent got those crits and stuns, but it’s very likely for a person who is losing and losing to blame everything on those crits and stuns.


Yeah, that makes sense. RNG is certainly necessary, or I agree the game would be boring.

Also agree they will get better :slight_smile: Just looking to raise the flag to them a bit - this is something they can improve.

So time to create a feature (they seem to be agile methodolgy for development):

As a jwa player I need to be able to play without running into rng streaks on such a consistent basis.

Acceptance criteria: Jwa player can go more than 16 games and not see obvious RNG streaks that are then obviously hard-coded to be corrected within those same 16 games.

Now lets get that in the backlog and prioritize it please :joy::joy::joy:


This is actually a wise play at the odds. There aren’t a ton of dinos that can give you a 25% chance at victory when others offer zero. Sometimes Indom can.

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Well said sir.


Everyone has the right for an opinion, so i respect the authors opinion. However, in my opinion RNG is A or THE big problem in the game. The article does not even mention one of the biggest RNG problem in the game and that is that the player does not select which 4 dinos he is starting with…big RNG issue. Then there is the matchmaking were Ludia is not transparent with: is it truly random as within aporox the same trophies or are players pooled in a bracket of losing streaks and winning streaks, where the winners would fight agains winners making the matches difficult and there resulting in losing streaks…than there is the stuns: the article mentions that this is not a problem in Arena: ofcourse this is not a problem, because no one uses stun dinos in lower arenas. The same for cloak and and evasive: no one uses those dinos in lower arenas, but everyone is using indo and indom rex in higher arenas. In short: RNG is a big problem.

No stun dinos in lower arenas? Really?

Yeah agreed with @JHVS - definitely plenty of stunners in lower arena. For a looooooong time people complained that stegocera was too OP the moment they hit the Lockdown/Sorna wall. Why did it only matter then? Most people fuse stegocera much earlier. And I see plenty of people use stunners and even the two mimus dinos in lower arenas. Pleeeenty. I stand by the fact that RNG exasperates the real issue - which is the bottleneck and ranking. Not the RNG itself. That needs tweaking for sure. But quote me now, even when it is fixed, if arena stays the way t is now, you’ll still see pleeeenty of people complain about RNg because of the conflicting price signals they are getting.

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just the fact that you can drop trophies and go back to prior arenas disproves your theory. also, if you could pick your starting four, the game would be boring af.

How does dropping and being able to go back disprove anything?

hes stating that ludia has a matching system to put loosing and winning streaks together which is false. you can have a team of all level 30 dinos and pretty much do whatever you want.

what im saying is, your boundaries are the level of your dinos and how far they can take you.

if you ever drop trophies and work your way back up you can see the transition.

its ludias own fault that the dino levels, player level and arena level is broken.

Nothing is broken. I’m lost. Should those ingredients not mean a better winning percentage?

And I think you are glossing over the idea that the article focuses on the idea of how a team may take you up or can but might not so much…due to skill.

like the fact that a team has all crap dinos then one indo or a level 26 deus etc… its not broken but there are no rules to this so it is what it is.

But those teams aren’t the rules and especially are nowhere to be found in what we can see in the top 500.

well yes. at those levels all should be unlocked.

Then maybe I am unfamiliar with the area you are speaking to. If so I apologize

i just think that maybe things shouldve been structured differently is all. how? not sure, im no dev. or maybe the game is just fine. i mean im currently at 2500 trophies with 4 uniques…