What if there was a exclusive apex?

I mean like for a limited time you can fight a new apex but higher level players can’t use dinosaurs under level 20 so you can’t easily be carried in it. Also when you unlock it, it won’t start as level 26 like the other apex’s. It will start as level 1 and as you defeat it more and more you can increase its level. And for lower level players they will fight the same boss but it will be a lower level like 20.

What would be the level limit when you can’t use under twenty dinosaurs?

Yes so like lets say level 15 and up have to use dinosaurs above level 20 and people level 1-14 can fight the lower level of the boss…using dinosaurs lower than level 20

I feel like the way I worded it might sound confusing.

It’s fine, I get it

Oh and another thing you can’t use your own apex’s in this. Only Uniques and bellow

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Well there go a lot of strats for Gorgo and Cera. It should be any rarity, just at a certain level.

stares in Thor and the Towers

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STARES BACK with Skoola, Thor, Dio, Tenrex being the most used strat

This feels similar to how Jurassic World the Game does it and I often think that it’s a better method than the Raids we currently have.

Stares back in cowabunga it is