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What if... trophies were given based on how many critters you've defeated/lost?

What if each win was worth 10 trophies, with 3 wins giving you a maximum of 30 trophies? However, you’d have to minimize your losses too in order to get the maximum trophies.
For example, you managed to defeat 2 of opponent’s creatures. The opponent manages to defeat 3 of yours after that. Their trophy count would be equivalent of 1 win (10 trophies).
You managed to defeat all 3 of opponent’s creatures while losing none. You win 30 trophies. If your opponent beats all 3 of yours without losing any, they win 30 trophies instead.
You managed to defeat 1 creature and then lose 3 of yours. The opponent wins 20 trophies.

What this could probably achieve: actual power measurement, not an estimation that the current matchmaker does. And matchmaking would go solely on trophy count. It would also rapidly send arena droppers back to the top, where they belong. Also, it would make it a point to try to defend as much of your trophy earnings as possible, even in a losing battle.

There may be some problems with this, but I do not know them, this is more of a curiosity of mine, I want to know the consequences of this system. What would happen if it worked like this?