What if utasinoraptor meets utarinex after update 1.5?

assuming both lvl 26

Utarinex(A) damage: 1420, HP: 4200

Utasinoraptor(B) damage: 1590 HP: 3000

if B uses critical then an instant charge…he can take A in 2 shots. 15902.25+15900.5 = 4372

the damage he takes = 1420*2 =2840


but making utasinoraptor level higher than 26, would cost more sinoceratops…that won’t be easy!

also, if anyone want to demonstrate lvl 27 utarinex vs lvl 26 utasinraptor, that will be wonderful!!!

if there is any mistake here, pls feel free to correct me!

I have highlighted this in a post yesterday. What you say is true. But the raptor has no hit and run

Itd ve better if utasino went ditracting>crit impact because it then has onstant ready for the next dino.

Wrong Calculation. Utarinex should go Distracting Rampage on 1st turn, and IC on turn 3.

Edit:: Meaning turn 2 Utahsino would have half damage instead of full.


And utarinex is dead even if it doesnt crit

It utasino goes distracting>crit impact utarinex doesnt get a third turn

Utarinex can use IC on turn 2 then.

Yea and if it uses instant 2nd turn and stins unltasino. Utasino leads next attack

Yea and if it uses instant 2nd turn and stuns utasino. Utasino leads next attack

You didn’t factor in armor…

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Ur right using both impacts is short by 145 hp.

Assuming crit impact doesnt crit

So utasino should go distracting>ic>strike. And have crit impact for the next dino

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I just find it funny how many times they’ve tampered with utasinos stats and movesets… they cant decide

So based on the fact that we are having this conversation, should I even bother going for Utarinex or just use Utahsino?

Thats just head to head. Utarinex still has more use overall

Reason I ask is because I have Allosino at level 20, with nearly 150k Allo DNA saved up ready for the Allosino Unique in 1.5, but I could also level Utasino from 17 to 20 ready for Utarinex…cant decide lol

Do both thor and utarinex are going to carry completely different roles

Im assuming ur going to be needing to grind tarbo dna. I know i will. Mine is just now 20. Not enough to even fuse once. Lol but my utarinex is already 26 so my sino is going to thor forsure

Umm my Tarbo is only level 15 (im assuming it will need to be level 20 yeah?) and I have about 25 or 26k Tarbo DNA…not sure it will be enough to get it to 20, but I do see a lot of Tarbo around so it shouldn’t be too hard to grind! I know a place where they spawn regularly so I can go hunt there!