What if we wanted to know Ludia's future plans for WoW?

I was wondering, “where can I find some info about future developments of WoW”?

I thought I could find, somewhere, some info about devs plan for this game.

New contents/quests/storyline? Guilds wars? Cooperative mode?

So I tried Ludia.com, the Ludia website itself. I was sure I’d have found some info to satisfy my curiosity.

Then I realized the last update of the site was on May last year :joy::joy::joy:

At least now I won’t be furious anymore if it takes 4 days to reply to a ticket request :joy::joy::joy:

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@Fizbanius, unfortunately the developer has determined the information you seek is to remain classified, with only those on the inside having access to such intelligence. Scrying may be the most effective avenue to obtain the information you desire :wink: