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What if we were able to choose dinos in arena without RNG just like strike towers?

Been thinking about this for quite some time now. What if we had the option to pick our own four dinos to do battle in arena like we would do in strike towers? We would not have to be dependent on the annoyingly flawed RNG that picks a random 4. We would have more control of the outcome instead of following a linear selection system. Look at it this way, if we are able to choose our own dinos to do battle in arena, I believe it would boost interest and limit reluctance.

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While this seems like a good idea on paper, and would probably be good in practice as well, I can see people choosing just 4 creatures that work well with each other, while ignoring the other team members, at least until one of their big 4 gets nerfed. I love using my Utasinoraptor, Tryostronix, Indom, and Stegod together, but without rng I wouldn’t have known how well Monolometrodon works with Indom. Just my 2 cents

I am personally against this idea. It would make things way less interesting. People tend to complain about RNG, recalling only the times it worked against them instead of in their favour. But all the RNG elements in this game make things more unpredictable. Sometimes you get frustrated because of it, and sometimes feel lucky, but you are never sure what exactly you will get.
JWA is like a box of chocolate.

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Personally, I would rather see it once you hit lvl 10 it jump to 12 or 16 dino’s on a team would make for more variables and boost would be spred out more after reset, for bunch of us our boosted and even DC may not even come out in battles. think it would be more challenging

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Ludia give up control?


There would be no variety in the game if that were the case. Everyone would spend all their boosts on the same 4 dinos in the same order. Think of a rampage and run creature swapping out to draco EVERY time? Part of the challenge of this game is making do with the dinos you get given against an opponent, You have to adapt to every game and every game is different.

Case in point, most strike towers I will do and complete with the same dinos. It’s boring.

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I certainly like the idea of adding another row of 4 to make it 12 dinosaurs, as this would add a lot more variety to the Arena. Problem is the overly competitive players would be up in arms as it would mean they don’t get their overboosted hybrids out as often. It would certainly help reduce the amount of times we have to put up with Dracoceratops.

*same dino
I can solo pretty much everything with a magna. Boring beyond words.

You would not be in a better position because your opponent would be able to do it as well.

Draco-rat and Thor. Every Battle.