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What If you had the chance to choose any dino to unlock

Players of any level… if you had a unique gift from Ludia: the chance to choose ANY dino to unlock (at its start unlock level of course) from the game. Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Unique… I mean, really ANY.

What dino would you choose?

I think you should take a look at metahub to choose. But what would be?

At my level, and since beginning, I would choose Indoraptor. I don’t know if its the best dino, but its a personal choice, because I love that dino in movie. Should be nice play RA with it. And for game, I know its powerful.

Erlidominus, because every time I find a golden chicken my heart stops for a second.


HARDEST unique to make.

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I got it. It really needs a health buff or impact and run. I do like the 7056 damage with a cloaked rampage crit.

Depends. I got it as my 3rd unique.

Funny, that. It was my 2nd or 3rd unique, unlocked pretty quick thanks to the irritator events. Meanwhile I can never find anky so my tryko is 20/250 for creation after 9 months.

So… Tryko for me! :sweat_smile:

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Pterovexus… that’s the only unique I haven’t unlock ATM.
(Also haven’t unlock Scolo and Skoolo, but don’t think I need them.)