What if.. you just start the game now?

How would it be? Can you have fun? Collect all the dinos? Getting along in all the battles and events?
Who did it recently and how do you feel about the game?

Just wondering… :slight_smile:

I have the game for a while now, have a love/hate-relationship with it :sweat_smile: I play for a while and then I get discouraged and leave it. When I open it again after a few months I feel so overwhelmed I usually close it again a few times without doing anything, haha. My VIP-buildings are always screaming at me to activate them again, my park is a mess, I have no idea what I’m doing, etc.

Sometimes starting over looks like fun (have no idea if it’s possible btw) but then again, it’s around for such a long time… how will it be when you start out all fresh? Can you still get where others are after playing for 7 years?

Curious to see what you guys think.


Instead of starting over just sell the stuff you don’t want. I saw one person who messed up their ferocity and they just started over and I wondered why they didn’t just sell their OP dinos.

Another thing is to set short and long term goals, redesign and organize your park, clear your market. I have adopted these and it’s made it more fun. I have a few simultaneous goals going right now and I make a little progress on each daily. It’s enough for me.

My park design is on point- which is satisfying but when I hatch a new Jurassic I have to shuffle some stuff.


Oh, but I wasn’t necessarily talking about myself, just wondering if you would discover the game now for the first time, after all these years and all the things you’ve missed out, if it would still be fun and if you could achieve the things others also did. Just in general.

For myself I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, I like the game but if I want to play it I also want to have VIP because otherwise it’s even slower (I don’t have the time to play 24/7, haha) and I’m not sure if I find the price worth it. I get that you get a lot of things and advantages for that price, but I can’t stop thinking that for that same price every month I can buy a new game on Steam f.e. and play that the rest of my life. While here you have fun with it but if the game would ever end everything’s just gone.

And for now I wouldn’t even know where to start with selling stuff, the easy option would be just everything and then see what I want to have back, but I haven’t unlocked every dino etc. etc. so it will still be a mess :laughing:

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How long would it take to achieve what other players achieved after seven years?
Mmmmh, maybe…seven years?


I have been playing for just over 6 months so I am kind of new. I would have done some things differently, but that was part of the learning process. I would not want to start over because I’ve put too much “work” into it.

Anyhow, to answer your question. When I started in late January it was fun. It was kind of dizzying seeing people unpick tournament creatures etc. but now I am there. The game gives enough achievements along the way. The early days were really fun, but idk if it would be the same all over again.


And yes. Some day the game will end and everything we have done will be gone. It’s important to remember that and enjoy the process.


Ah, that’s pretty new yes, nice to see you’re happy with the game and having fun :slight_smile:
What are some things you would have done differently?

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Nah, I think that’s too easy, haha. Don’t believe the game is the same now with possibilities than 7 years ago.

Haha ok, I thought it was like that (the joke-part), but you never know these days :laughing:

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In general, obviously I have a better understanding of battles for one and strategy for resources,

But in particular: I kept a lot of useless spreadsheets that helped me understand the game, but now I don’t need them. I didn’t know about the dino stats spreadsheet or many of the key posts people on this forum. I do keep some spreadsheets to manage my ferocity and track a few other things.

I would have done more code 19s and mod battles earlier. Took me a while to appreciate them. I did not like either for a while.

I would have kept a cleaner market, whittling it down has been a big chore. Over 18 days I’ve gone from ~250 to under 100.

For a long time I would stop at Survivor League in tournaments because I desperately needed Monolophosaurus for a story mission- so I was doing everything I could to get them. Was stalled out for many weeks. If I started again I would just wait for the unlock and made more progress in the tournaments.

Stuff like that.

I still do inefficient things, but just to suit my style of play and schedule.

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I believe I would enjoy the game, yea.

There are a few players here who are relatively new and they already have leaps in progress. I strongly recommend you look at the players who have posted “1 year progress” threads.

Sure the dinos quantity and expansive bells and whistles are overwhelming, but luckily this community posts very helpful threads, resources, and tips & tricks to help players out.

Just because this game has been out for 7 years now doesn’t mean a new player cannot catch up to a veteran player. I’ve seen it done, and I believe that I could too.


Interesting to read, it’s a whole list, but it’s good you’re still having fun at this point.
I’m more the person of “I did things wrong/I don’t know what to do so I give up/start over”. Only with games btw, think because there’s so much choice in what to play.

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Nice one, thanks. I’ve looked up such a thread and yeah, it’s cool to see what you can achieve when you have the time and know what you’re doing (which clearly doesn’t apply to me, hahaha).

Does make me maybe want to try again, but not sure yet :laughing:

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I started playing the game at the end of last year. Since then i almost played it daily. Got VIP after about two months and did progress quite well. If there are new creatures i get excited, even tough i do not have all the other creatures that have been in the game before. It shows, that the game is still alive.

I guess one can progress a lot faster than in the beginning. At least that is my opinion after watching old videos about the game. My source is the Gamingbeaver YouTube Channel.

I played it slow, thanks to much knowledge i learned in this Forum. So i did not make big mistakes, that could have made the game to hard for me.

Now i can easily win in tournaments Jurassic and aquatic. Ceno i guess not, but this will have to be my next goal. So far, this did not hinder my progress.

Of course there are many creatures i have not unlocked yet. Primarily tournament creatures. But they will come after some time. I just have to be patient. And it gives me time to work on those i have got now.

So as a fairly new Player. I have a lot of fun with the game.

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Thank you. Nice to read your experience.
Doesn’t it bother you that you don’t have/can’t have all te creatures? Because I think some are impossible these days because of changes? If I remember correct…

I want to have them all, haha. But also get discouraged because there are so many and not everything is possible etc. I guess focussing on a few things would be the best.

What creatures are impossible?

I’m not sure, it’s been a while, but I thought some of the commons/rare etc. I have some creatures I haven’t unlocked yet and read that those weren’t possible to unlock anymore. But maybe things have changed?

I have at least one of wach lvl 40 Common, rare, super rare and legendary. I have all hybrids of this sort as well. So no, i am not bothered. The amber Market did help me get those locked creatures.

Hmm, maybe that’s the solution then, when I stopped playing last time it was pretty new I think, I’ve seen it, but haven’t studied it, haha.

Do you have every creature in your park? Or in storage? You have to have them to count in the index, right? Having and then selling isn’t ok? You know, for the collectors… :blush:

I have them out in the park. Here are two Pics:

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