What if.. you just start the game now?

Looking good! :smiley:
How far are you in the glossary? There are 289 creatures now. Just wondering how much you have, haha.

The amber-market seems like a solution for the collection. But it doesn’t unlock a creature when you buy it with amber I think?

And how difficult are the boss-things to collect amber? And the other fights? If you have, let’s say, an hour a day to really play, can you get somewhere in the events? Or do you need several hours and really grinding for that?

I’m kinda tempted to try the game again, but not sure yet thinking about the time (and maybe money for the vip).

I have not counted :crazy_face:
But there is still enough to do.
Edit: 180/289 but i have unlocked more, than i have hatched.

I see those in the ember market as unlocked creatures. It is just another way of paying. There is this one Boss Event 3 vs 3, where you have to win two of the daily Event First. It is kind of easy. I have a maxed Omega, the others habe been lvl 1. I won it with Omega alone most of the time. Even when he was much weaker. There you can get almost 20k amber. So amber is much easier to get than DNA.

I play the every daily event each day, which takes me about an hour, sometimes a little longer. Tournaments of course Take extra time. I guess on tournament days, i play an extra hours each day.

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I don’t think I’ve ever done a Boss Event so maybe start with those and see what I can do with the amber regarding the dinos that are still locked. I want the same thing as you, having one level 40 of each creature and then of course a good battle-team, but I guess that’s something for the future, I need to study some things first, hahaha.

Still curious about people ‘recently’ starting the game btw, so any experience you have: just post it here :smiley:


I don’t think I would enjoy starting over.

Though I’d agree with others here— in that the opportunities for advancement are far greater now then they were 7 years ago. I’d say it would still take quite a while to unlock all of the dinosaurs, especially as a free-to-play gamer. Not necessarily because of the resources (which again, are much easier to come by), but you’ve also got to consider the wait in getting all of those tournament creatures… And all of the hybrids that use tournament creatures. I like to think that it would be possible, and would come faster than 7 years— but 289 creatures is still a lot. Perhaps it would make things easier if you were willing to spend a good bit.

Anyway, cool thread OP. Thanks for getting us thinking. :thinking:

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This took me almost every bit of 7 years… :joy:

Well, not exactly— I have had to wait as new creatures come out. I’d say it took me about 4, maybe 5-ish years to get to the point where I had every available creature at level 40.

Of course, I’m not the most diehard player… I have been a VIP member since that was offered. But other than that I’m not much of a spender (I’ve bought one season pass, a few statue packs, and a long time ago I bought some tournament creatures packs). I do keep up with all of the new creature tournaments and many of the events. But honestly I really only log in a few times on a normal day. I’d say somebody else with enough motivation (and/or willingness to spend more) could easily get every creature to level 40 faster than I did

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Thank you for your experience and thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:
And be proud of what you have, I can only dream it, haha.

How was it for you, as casual player, to have the vip? I mean, I would have the feeling I should play a lot daily to have the idea it’s money well spend. It’s not a cheap thing to have so I would want to make most out of it I guess…

I tried some boss-battles yesterday to see how that went, I’ve won them both but not really amber as a price. It was a price-wheel, so I payed like 30 or 50 bucks to get 200 DNA or something. I think I’m missing things :laughing:

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You should do the left one for Amber. In my case i have to do another daily event first. But then it is two battles for 30 bucks each. You get a spinwheel that lands 80% of the spins on a big amber price. For extra 15 bucks you can spin again. There is also a good pack with almost 4000 DNA in the wheel and some amber market dinos. So good Chance to get DNA or legendaries as well.

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I started playing this game from about September 2021, after my son had found it and he started playing it. I was intrigued, because we both love dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park/World movies. So, I started playing as well.

I think I’m a recent player, and I had fun from the beginning, and mostly still do now. I’m level 99, and have been a VIP member for 9 months. Sure, I made some mistakes during the beginning, but over time, it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s park grows differently, and in the end they align closely.

I would never restart the game, because of the time, money and effort I’ve put into it. My aim is to not get every dinosaur, but just to grow my park little by little over time. I’ve almost got 12 indoraptors, so it’s time do try a new challenge.

The only thing I don’t enjoy so much now is the constant daily battles. I usually skip them because of time vs benefit. Some battles are pretty mundane and overly challenging for the rewards they offer.

I find the game is a great way to chill out, but in the future I will have to cut down on my playing time due to moving overseas. But, I hope to come back every now and then and still grow little by little, so that Ludia can milk this cash cow. This game moves at a snail pace, so it suits my playing style.

I hope that you can continue enjoy playing, and the forum has great people who are so kind and helpful. It’s because of the forum that I love this game.

What are those daily events? Because that’s what I’m missing, haha. I did 2 boss-battles but they don’t count towards that battle. So I was wondering what would.

Thanks, fun to read your story, and good work!

Maybe I can enjoy the game again if I use the forum some more, although I’m always a bit scared to ask ‘stupid/beginner’-questions that have been explained before. I know there’s already a lot of info on here but sometimes I find it hard to get throuh all the essays, I just want to play a game :pensive: And I don’t always can translate it to my own game to know what to do next and things like that…

And the big thing, the debate with myself over VIP :sweat_smile: I know you don’t need it, but I know what your missing out on without is so not having it make me hold off from the game I think. But having it cost money each month, money you get nothing for (like really a copy of the game forever or something, which you do have if you just buy a pc-game), except the fun to play it. But you can lose everything if they shut it down and maybe I should spent the money on important RL-stuff (not I don’t have the money but you know what I mean, everything gets more expensive these days…). So I’m already thinking about it for 2 days and don’t know what to do. Maybe that deserves a thread in itself, hahaha.

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I mean those:

You have to win two Events, then you can do the Boss Event.

Ok, cool, thanks. I’ll have a look at those.