What if your opponent not in the list of recent opponents?

I noticed it twice, but this time it was really weird.
I guess we were fighting the second time in a row. He or she beat me the first one but the second time when I got my first frag, he or she started switching his or her dinos every turn not making any moves. Of course I won, I wanted to check his or her position, but he or she wasn’t in my recent opponent list. I restarted the game, but nothing changed.

The name was kind like ‘bonobons’ or like that, I’m not sure. And the pictogramme was this:

What does it mean? Why he or she isn’t shown in my opponents list?

Might be a bot.

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That looses the fight by switching dinos? I doubt.

I’ve come across a few of those already! They are either bots or hackers. I’d say I’ve faced them about 4-5 times now and 3 of those times I’ve lost the battle with only one of my Dinos dead! Hope Ludia is looking into this! Because it’s not fair for the rest of us!

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Ive done it purposely once when I needed some raja DNA in 2 areas lower (believe me there were none around me ever) but thats about it

Oh, I remember, what was the first time.
One I fought against somebody who had to tragodistis in his or her team. That time I also couldn’t find it in my recent opponent list. I saw some posts that people complained that they saw two duplicated Dino’s against them. That was true.

I’ve talked to Ludia about it, they’re AI boots that they know about, but won’t do anything to compensate for lisjng to them. Lost 49 trophies on 1 battle where they had multiple of same dino…

Yeah its a known issue with the AI and they will let us know when they know more…so its most likely gonna be a bit before its fixed…

Definitely bots. I encountered two lvl 27 stegodeus consecutively this week. Killed one and the other one cleaned me out. I don’t mind fighting bots but lining up two of the same lvl 27 dinos (when my strongest dino is lvl 24) is way too much. And the opponent’s name isn’t on the list of recent opponents.

So if it was a bot, why it started to swicht dinos every turn to loose?

I have same situation. For the last couple of days at more less same time 15-17 CET I’m being paired with players which don’t come up on the recent opponents list. Also, often they have some high ranked common creatures, like lvl 26 euplocephalus or 25 lvl hatzegopteryx…basicly their lowest lvl dinos are 24 or more and mine highest have 21…it’s hard to battle them to say least