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What if

Human (Rarity: Killer)

Hp: 3000
Dmg: 850
Speed: 123
Crit: 5%
Armor: 0%

Cautious Strike (nerfed)

  • Deal 0.5x damage. Decrease opponent’s damage by 25% for 1 turn and gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of direct damage for 1 turn.

Eye punch (cooldown: 2, delay: 1)

  • Attack the eye. Deal 33% damage of opponent’s Max HP as definite damage. Make the opponent disoriented (Will make the creature vulnerable for 1 turn and get 100% stuned)

Adrenaline Rush (cooldown: 3)

  • Cleanse self. Regenerate 25% of max HP, increase damage by 25% for 2 turns and increase speed by 10% for 1 turn.

Immune to Distraction and slow (Passive)

Herbivore friendly (Passive)

  • It won’t attack herbivores and herbivores won’t attack the human making the herbivore locked by doing any damage unless the herbivore it’s provoked.

Oh god please no… Humans would mess everything up… We’re like that… :confused: (and I don’t think they should be in a game like this… just my opinion though… Up to everyone else… lol.)

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A human in the arena wouldn’t be that great but it would be awesome if we could feed humans to dinosaurs in the sanctuary


I’m pretty sure humans would just eat the herbivores anyway!

This is a joke btw XD. Just a stupid joke…

Great make it