What if?

What if,Ludia made a dinosaur radar for us? There are many spawns that show a dinosaur when we are there. We can only see it if we step on it .Now, for example, Titanoboa. Maybe a lot around us like 0. You can’t walk the entire city every meter. True? What do you think about?

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I think I don’t want ANY NEW features until all the forever bugs are fixed!


This is true :confused:

I mean don’t get me wrong here, many ideas from the community are great but you have to be capable to do these implements. And we all know that Ludia Inc. isn’t!!

** Now I understand what the inc. stand for. Incompetent !!!


You’re speeding up the process regardless. Getting bug fixes and requested features is better than either one of the two, and working on one doesn’t necessarily hinder the other.
Ludia starts work on features like this well in advance for all we know.

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I know they do. The problem is that they can’t deliver!

I think there’s no way Ludia could make it work.

It would be exploitable and not work correctly.

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It does not show the exact location of the dinosaur. Just that there are different dinosaurs somewhere nearby.

Without direction, or general location, this is useless.

On the plus side, if it can be exploited like maps were for PoGo, I’m in!

And say, within 200 meters?

Their not bugs, Ludia prefers to call them “Suprise Algorithms” lol

But as for the topic, I suggested a little while back that they could have little micro dinosaurs like Compy or Microraptor or Troodon scout the map for dinosaurs.

Also seen someone say there could be a vehicle that has a scanner to search.

However id worry of bugs in such a new feature.

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