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What If...?

I recently finished rewatching Marvel’s What If…? And it got me thinking about what kind of what-if scenarios might have taken place in the Lovelink universe to cause various alternate timelines, in turn, creating the Lovelink multiverse.

Here are some I thought of:

  • What If… Aesha/Samantha didn’t cheat but was framed for cheating?
  • What If… The MC(U) never sent Antoine/Nina/Noah those maps?
  • What If… Antoine/Nina/Noah and the MC(U) never found Kat?
  • What If… Bex left the carnival to stay with the MC(U)?
  • What If… The MC(U) joined the carnival with Bex?
  • What If… Clementine/Grace and the MC(U) never matched? What would’ve happened between her and Mr Goodman?
  • What If… The stone in Elizabeth/Nicolas’ time machine didn’t break, and she was able to save her father and brother and return to the MC(U)?
  • What If… Eveline/Jade and the MC(U) never got back together?
  • What If… Estefana had also murdered Jasmin/Kayla? Would she go after the MC(U) for knowing she was a murderer?
  • What If… Baba Yaga didn’t curse Sage/Vitoria/Emerson?

But that’s just a drop in the ocean. So if you can think of any what-if scenarios, I’d love to hear them.