What in Thor's name are y'all thinking Ludia?

Ludia, have y’all lost your flipping minds? I mean, seriously? I get that with the last update, racking up points for the chests was easy with all the extra energy, and the 8 hour wait was sad to watch… But it was livable! I no longer had to stress over not having enough energy to play and often checked in throughout the day to fiddle with one thing or another. Playing was FUN! Now, we’ve gone backwards and not only have you made things that could once be completed in 4-5 battles now require 7-8 battles, but you’ve removed and reduced all the good rewards and made them stupid hard to achieve. For example, level 15 dragons… Are you kidding me? I’m at the point where most of my dragons are very high leveled and so they’re super expensive in fish to push further. Level 10 was tedious enough, but 15? It’s madness! And why on Earth would you remove the energy rewards from the chests and from leveling up your player level?!

I’ve never paid a dime for a game before but easily made the decision to join flight club for this one, but now I’m seriously considering joining the mass exodus and cancelling my subscription. Why? It’s not fun anymore. The rewards that everyone has been begging for increases of have been cut even more and you’ve severely limited how much we can play. Why? Do you think you’re going to somehow force everyone to buy more runes now? Not a chance. People spend money because they want to, not because they have to. Fix this ASAP Ludia or you’re going to have a sea of abandoned accounts on your hand and an empty flight club subscription list.