What is a Good Baseline for Creature Balance?

As in: What is a creature that you think is perfectly balanced, needs no change, and can be used as a metric to judge the brokenness (good and bad) of another creature?

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zorion telling me : pick me pick me :wave:
so i think zorion

Antarctovenator Orion Ankylodicurus and Mammotherium
All perfectly balanced for their rarity
This does not mean that I think that creatures better than them in their rarity need to be nerfed

For Apexes, I think Hadros Lux is the most balanced. It’s not bad in any way, nor is it too big in the meta like Ankylos Lux.

For uniques, Antarctovenator is by far the most balanced, possibly of any creature in the game. It’s the perfect example of a creature that’s really good but not quite reaching any form of overuse or unbalance. Troodoboa is another good example.

Legendary is a bit more difficult to decide, but I’d say Tryostronix is about as balanced as you can get for them. A great creature that isn’t too prevalent, and has its good and bad matchups.

I think 3 epics tie for most balanced, one for each class. Brontolasmus, Erlikogamma, and Indominus Rex Gen 2 are all powerful and usable, but aren’t usually a team necessity.

It’s probably the most difficult to choose the most balanced Rare out of any rarity due to the fact they are very widespread in viability, but are supposed to be worse than epics. However, I think the most balanced Rare is Spinosaurus. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do in that it destroys rare resilients while getting destroyed by rare Cunning.

For Commons, Lythronax is a great example for how strong a common should be, as demonstrated in the last common-only skill tournament. It was a useful asset to teams, but not a requirement on every team like Glyptodon or Brontotherium were.


Apexes: Probably Hadros, although it loses to the OP creatures
Unique: Probably Quetz, if not it’s Antarctovenator. Both have their strengths, but still have counters
Legendary: I’d say Dsungaia. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do and loses to whatever it’s supposed to lose to
Epic: Erlikogamma. The thing is a LOCK in every epic tourney. It is really good against the right matchups, but just like Dsungaia, it loses to whatever it’s supposed to lose to
Rare: Probably Titanoboa Gen 2. The snake is EXTREMELY viable in rare tourneys, but loses to things that go chomp chomp, like Andrewsarchus
Common: The OG Velociraptor. Kills the first creature (most of the time) and loses to shields or usually when the 2nd creature comes out