What is a Hill That You Will Absolutely Die On?

As in what’s an opinion that you’ll refuse to release no matter what everyone else says?

For me it would have been that Brachy is a pretty good counter to Rixis, although that’s now moot since Rixis was nerfed.

As of current, it’s probably that Para T. does not in any way, shape or form need a Swap-In Strike.


Now it’s that andrewtops is the best creature in the game that has revenge and it’s amazing


I’d say that Diplodocus and Gemini should be classified as Fierce-Resilient. They each have a move that removes shields and bypasses armor, namely Shield Advantage and Definite Shield Advantage.


Antarctovenator is the most balanced creature in the game. Its versatility prevents it from getting greatly indirectly nerfed or buffed in almost any update since its most recent direct buff, since it’s guaranteed to do at least decent in any matchup it comes across.


Phorurex deserved the nerf 100% and the pho nerf was not excessive


Blue is a staple in epic non-hybrid tourneys and eats flocks. Now, Ludia, just buff the poor thing a little


Besides the nerf for phorurex wasn’t that bad, definitely not as bad as it was for Ardentsimaxima
(sorry if i spelled it wrong) which was also OP at one point.

Combined Dodge/Distract moves generally need a little toning down if we want to see chompers & other more-conventional Fierce ever make a comeback. Not all of them are unbalanced, but many of them absolutely gatekeep what Fierce can and can’t be viable.

As a broader point, many moves do wayyy too much and need their scalars/duration turned down if we want to undo some of the powercreep in the game. Particularly for the basic/0 CD moves, moves that do less should be more common. Swapping out a lot of class moves for their paired-down equivalents would be a start (i.e. Cunning down to Distraction, Resilient down to Vulnerability, etc etc).


For 2.7, Compsocaulus should have been the Legendary and Dodocevia should’ve been the Unique, as a super hybrid of Edaphocevia.


I’ve got three: Ankylodic is the best Dino in the game, phorurex shouldn’t have been put in the game, and we need more gators. I don’t mean crocs, like grypo, I mean gators like puruss. Unless imperato is a gator, which I don’t think it is, cause the snout is too narrow, we don’t have a gator above rare. WE NEED MORE GATORS! Bring us deinosuchus and a hybrid for her.


Ardentismaxima and geminititan need buff, if stuff like Stygidaryx, which is easier to make (2 common global & one global epic), deserve the last buff, why not our old twin tower ? C’mon Ludia they are harder to make and level , please do something to them they are just a falling giant along side with tryko and nemys.


Imperatosuchus should’ve been a hybrid between Grypolyth and Sarcorixis because a) that’s what it literally is and b) it would not have replaced the Mortem raid


Surprisingly, we have only one species from each Crcodylid family and I agree there should be more nonhybrid crocs in this game

Edit: It turns out that Sarcosuchus isn’t an actual crocodile so we basically have no true crocodiles in the game


Parasauthops should not have a Swap-In. Indotaurus should not have Greater Rending Counter. Skoonasaurus shouldn’t have any Swap Prevention resistance. Players complaining about how any OP creature getting even a slight nerf somehow automatically makes them useless have no idea what they’re talking about and deserve to have their boosts wasted if they feel that way. Players should also spend their boosts a little more wisely and understand the simple fact that there’s nothing to stop them from using (and boosting) any creature they want, but they also should understand that in a Pokémon-style, rock-paper-scissors type of PvP gameplay some creatures will simply always be better than others and so they shouldn’t expect to be at the top of the leaderboards by using whatever creatures they want to use.


At the very least just bonk it down to something like 1000 attack.


Don’t follow the top tier list using your coins to level and your cash to boost as it won’t survive the next update


The best way to enjoy this game is playing as a collector instead of a meta-follower, meaning that you’ll use your favorites no matter what.


TRUE. The best way to play :slight_smile:

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Alloraptor is the best and I will use it on my team forever!

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What do you mean IndoT should not have greater rending counter? Every carno hybrid(except the Scorpioses) have some kind of counter.

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