What is a park without people?

I have been to many parks (real) and the one thing they all have in common is PEOPLE, where are the people in jurassic world? It seems it is just a empty park with dino enclosures for the owner to enjoy.
Ideas with people
-get a daily rating for ur park
-get coin/bucks at the entrance gate
-people could walk on the roads that u build


cool suggestion!

I haven’t seen any people in parks around here recently.
Ludia was simply ahead of time.


Very funny
I meant before corona

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Many of us want this suggestion to be implemented. It could really improve the game experience.

It would also get a lot of new players, and that means more people to buy packs for ludia.

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Also slows down performance on older devices.

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People would be great, but i know my device could Not handle it and the game would Crash over and over. But i still would Love to See all these little people Walking around. Maby If you tap on them they do a little “hey” or sth.

Funny Thing, this has nothing to do with the people, but i’m playing this game now die nearly a Month…and i Just now discoverd isla sorna. Wow i can’t belive i missed it all the time.

Isla Sorna becomes available when you reach lvl 40… It’s not available when u start the game.

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Ok, then Ludia could give us the ability at the settings, to enable visitors or to choose not have them, if some players have glitches and performance issues.

That is a good idea, i was thinking that there should be different weather conditions, like
1-Plain sunny day
2-rain storm
3-thunder/lightning storm
(can change in settings)


I think it would be very interesting if they were able to implement a day / night feature that would follow the time of day. But they would also have to update the servers to run off of the localish time zone for players otherwise some folks would get day during their night and night during the day. This would also give decorations, buildings, and the lights that are on the paths some cool light effects for the night time.