What is better Albertosaurus or Allosaurus

  • Albertosaurus
  • Allosaurus

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I am talking about the epic allo

allosaurus bad

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But has rending and cleasning

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Thats Alloraptor

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I am talking about allosaurus G2


That prob should have been mentioned, but either way I think everyone can agree alberto is better

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Thanks to the Killer Instinct

Maybe if you had specified in the poll Allo gen 2, the result would’ve been a little bit different, but that little note below the poll is not that noticeable.

Both are good. I prefer Allosaurus G2 but the instant attack of Albertosaurus is great. They are different roles.

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Then I would change the title.

that’s allo gen 2

Both carnivores are great but Albertosaurus is far superior.