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What is changed?....nothing

I just had my first 2 battles after the maintenance. Lost both times…nothing changed.
Met a 135 speed Thor…overpowered dino’s…nothing changed…
Met a Tryko with 3 crits! in a row…nothing changed…

Yep. Genuinely don’t see what this is meant to have fixed. Just make the main arena boost free and all problems gone.

You should have creatures on your team you can boost above 137. For far less resources than the Thor spent.


The fix was to get rid of the unlimited boost purchases, and to modify speed boosts.


The fix was for Ludia to capitalize on everyone that missed out on the glitch. Now they can collect more money


I think it worked

Lots of creatures put a hurt on Thor especially with the new speed nerfs. My Utahsino, Magna, Indo, Draco…list goes on. Thor isn’t nearly as strong as before with these nerfs.

The real problem with the boost is it was unfair only certain people were allowed to purchase boost. This created a problem. They leveled the playing field allowing everybody to buy if they want.
Now before you go all crazy about how pay to play and huge amounts of money are involved. It is not.
You get a chance to buy 20 attacks (+25) for 500 green cash each and 20 defense (+25) for 500 green cash each. Also only 3 speed (+25) for 500 green cash each. If somebody bought all of that, it would total to 21500 green cash. You can buy 15000 green cash for 99.00 dollars. I have spent way more then that in gasoline money driving for this game. So that is not a giant whale purchase for anybody.

The reason you don’t see what’s changed is because you don’t understand the real problem. The changes now are much more balanced than before.


This was a lvl 27 Thor. Wiped my entire boosted team because it outsped everything but Tany and 1 shot every dino i put out.


This won’t be the issue after you have accrued some more speed boosts from the daily inc and even added just one more level to your faster dinos. They probably maxed out all of their boosts on that one dino and are just relying on that to win. It won’t help them in the end. I still think equal boosting is the way to go.


If you can get the 3 available speed boosts. And keep 500hc a week from free alliance missions and supply collection to buy one a week. You have as much speed resource as anyone else.

Agreed, @Piere87 ! Balance is key… Thanos had that part of the idea correct after all :joy: just not the right solution… but anyways, yes, I agree with you! :grin:


My first 2 battles lost me 100 trophies in 7 moves.

1st battle a doped rinex one shot my opener, stunned then killed my second and one shot my third. I didn’t get a turn.

2nd battle, a hyper doped Thor 1 shot my cloaked erlidom, 1 shot crit my suchotator and then it took a rampage but one shot crit my tragod.

2 battles lost, 100 trophies down, in 7 hits.

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Once everyone purcases and applies boosts, it’s going to take a week or two for the arena to normalize and everyone to settle into their pecking order.

Don’t quit. Just boost n battle, win or loose. Settle in to where ever in trophy’s.

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Exactly. Trophies don’t mean anything. Who cares…this is just for fun. Being top 500 in this game doesn’t make anyone a winner in life :smiley:

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that was my 1st 2 battles as well pretty much. The -50 is tough, especially when you only get +10 after finally winning one. But I think it will all even out eventually.

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These are the people that used all the boosts on thor and have lesser dinos if they don’t draw thor they are screwed