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What is everybody's favorite dinosaur?

What is everyone favorite dinosaur?



Thats a nice dino mine is indoraptor

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If only the movie made it a bit smarter. Then again it was in captivity all its life.

Yea agree 100%


But I’m old and it was long before the movies or raptors being popular.


Honestly why didn’t it just run away when it went outside? It could have found easier prey as it looks like no other carnivore any wildlife would have seen.

I like it for its power myself. Now there are theories that it worked in packs as well.

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And its coming to Jurassic world alive as well. Hoora!

Tyrannosaurus, Rajasaurus, Yutyrannus, Lythronax… Three of which are recent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which 3? Everyone but Tyrannosaurus? Not judging, just curious. All dinos are good dinos.

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Spinosaur, giganotasaur and t rex my favourite carnivores then stegosaur and ankylosaur are probably my favourites herbivores, dont think I could just pick one haha :sweat_smile:

Yes, I loved Tyrannosaurus ever since I was a smol boi. Rajasaurus was of Indian origin (where I’m from!) but I never quite knew much about it until I started playing The Game and seeing Beaver’s videos of it on Builder (it sure was a “DANG IT!” moment when I realised that it was limited edition). When I started playing The Game, I was at first fascinated by the grey design of Rajasaurus and when I faced a level 40 Rajasaurus as opponent, I instantly loved the creature.

As for Yutyrannus, well I had achieved him in Park Builder as well when it was still running, but I did not quite like it (abnormally dark feathers with Spinosaurus base animation, personal-opinion-ly ugly final evolutions, and kind of mechanical looking) but when I saw it in The Game similar to Rajasaurus, I was fascinated by that feathery beast and it changed my whole perspective of the creature.

As for Lythronax, in the first few weeks of my gameplay I often sorted creatures in descending order unknowingly with DNA Cost sorting and not Ferocity, due to which I stumbled across Glythronax and Yudon. Lythronax instantly got my attention then because it looked so real, especially in YouTube videos of gamers who unlocked it from tournaments.

What I sometimes feel bad about is that Yutyrannus, Lythronax and Rajasaurus are not very well-known except in games. I wish that the Jurassic World series gave them some spotlight, or for that matter any other new dinosaur movie/documentary. As much as I love Tyrannosaurus, I feel that they must shift focus to some of the lesser-known dinosaurs.

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Yes, they really should. They are somewhat doing that in their new series. Im hoping more unique dinos show up, because usually those are the best looking ones. I never played Jurassic World Builder, but I have both The Game and Alive, and there are so many creatures that are realitively unknown to many people. Concave, Raja, Hatzeg, Diplocalus, and many cenizoic creatures as well. Its nice to show off different style dinos, like Giga and Charcar, which are really cool as well but never used as they bleed their prey instead of crushing it.

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Exactly! What I really love about The Game is that it literally starts off with a lesser known creature - Majungasaurus. They used Triceratops to get your attention, and took you straight to stuff you never heard about before like Alanqa, Limnoscelis, Hatzegopteryx, etc.

From the Rares, you get creatures like Diplodocus and Dilophosaurus as something familiar, and then they gradually take you to Parasaurolophus, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, etc. The Game made me know about a lot of creatures to such an extent that I felt a tad bit uncomfortable rewatching the JP/JW movies with such less creatures lol.


Yes. But also that immediate battle intro in JWTG as well. It makes alot of unknown creatures some of the best ones as well, which causes you to want them and learn about them. JWA doesn’t have as many like that, but it’s a different type of game. Hopefully in time these will be cherishes games, through good, bad, thick, and thin, we look at them and go," Wow, the amout of cool creatures they had. It never ceased to amaze me that so many of them could go into these games".


Spinosaurus, bring on the controversy. following closely would be Tarbosaurus and torvosaurus.

As much as i have my love for T-rex i have to say this…
Like yeah he kinda deserves it but i just feel like he overshadows a lot of other good theropods like carcharodontodaurus. Like why Ludia why isn’t it in the game? if anyone remembers or jas watched the film Disney’s Dinosaur, they would how good of a film it is. Why? Because it beautifully portrayed non-famous dinosaurs like carnotaurus and made him a classis (jp would obviously choose dinos like t-rex or spino). It (Disney’s Dinosaur) also made iguandon (which was almost never featured on a screen before) famous and classic. What i think jp and jw lack is the portrayal of dinos. They always show famous and known dinos like ankylosaurus and branchio. Like there are more than those man. We wanna see new. Now don’t get me wrong i love dinos like t-rex, spino, branchio, ankylo, stego, but i just really don’t like when those dinos overshadow others like man thats just not fair. I hope we can see new and underrated dinos in the future of dinosaur franchise…


I apologize if i offended anybody