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What is fair compensation for resetting an account

My account was corrupted and has not been recovered in over 5 weeks. What would be fair compensation to start over considering the following:

My account had the following:

−438 dragons (many were trained above 150 and concentrated on the best resource gathers). Also had many premium dragons. Had found all dragons searchable by Toothless.

-Had all 10 Legendary dragons

-Toothless at level 159

-The many costumes bought and collected

-All 4 seasonal statues

-All power statues (maxed)

-Many dragon statues (at least 10-15 maxed)

-Raw Amber and polished amber (a lot stored)

-Building and upgrading the Meade Hall (max), Great Forge (max), the smithy, fish basin (max), wood stack (max), iron storage (max), catapult (max), various Viking buildings to reach population 12,116, the academy (6 slots), dome academy (3? slots), Valka’s Sanctuary (3 slots), Hangar (Capacity), Hatchery ( 3 Slots), Eret’s Boat (5 slots)

-Unlocking most of the island (maybe except one itchy armpit I think)

−The many times runes were used to rush a search or to complete an upgrade

-Resources and packs held in my inbox

-Had all collections completed but not cashed in bar one. I will only have one collection active to speed up the collection via rewards

Rough calculation of what has been spent in upgrading and unlocking (does not include speed ups, costumes bought, dragons bought, costs for levelling up dragons, etc…)

+237,715 Runes

+7,560 Polished Amber

+652,093 iron

+1,545,388,800 fish

+17,964,984,830 wood

Above is what I remember from the top of my head.

Option is to reset the account or wait for a solution.

Would like to hear from others.