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What is going on in arenas


Anybody else notice that you lose more trophies you than you actually gain?
Also something is going seriously wrong in battle arenas but I’ve literally just lost 19 in row (like 200 trophies) due to cloak, evasive strike not working and literally no critical hits. I’m more than happy to loose a few battles but 14 on the bounce is ridiculous. My team is very decent. I have indominus and indoraptor. So what is going on?


I had a hideous losing streak this weekend - 500 trophies, 4200 down to 3700. Combo of bad RNG and I guess others leveling up faster. Gained a bit this morning - 3800 - and just created Monomimus so fingers crossed.


You’re being matched against people with less trophies than you so you gain less and lose more.


for those who’re still wandering around 3,800 - 4,200.

above 4,200 trophies, it’s not a battle anymore, it’s one side massacre :joy::joy:


Last weekend I dropped from 4200 to 3600. Now back around 4050 but that wall is sure tough to scale at 4200.


There no point in climbing anymore, unless yoi have dinos atleast between lvl 22-26. Like said before: its a massacre at approx 4250 trophies due to very high level dinos.


I have cycles last few days, going up close or at 3900 trophies, then bouncing back to around 3600 and getting back over 3700 trophies.
Got Monomimus and Megalosuchus, so I hope I’ll come closer to 4000 trophies. Going after Indoraptor now.
Hopefully I can get over 4250 before tournament ends.


What I hate more than anything else in the arena is loosing to someone that is so bad at playing that if it was a real game of strategy and skill they would not stand a chance! Loosing to an awful player because of RNG sucks!


Yep. This was me about 2 days ago. Still haven’t crossed 4000 again :roll_eyes:


Pretty sure I won’t be getting an incubator in this tournament! Unless Blue goes crazy again!


Hovering on the brink of 4000 now … Monomimus is a nasty little critter; took out a Stegodeus, I-Rex AND Tryostronix all by itself to get a 3-0 :slight_smile:

Going to be working hard to get all 48 Velos in the event startung in an hour; Indo (167/250) will be mine bwaahaaahaaa :crazy_face:


You are wrong, you are describing lower half of top500 list teams.


Everybody’s like being on adrenaline boost during tournament that they spend tons in order to proceed in leaderboard. Of those who don’t immediately get outranked. You who intend to argue me on about the devs need support to improve the game, give me a break.


I literally got monomimus this morning due to having my 24 hour incubator. And since then massive plummet


Have to ride out bad rng. Example: first 3 games today i was hit through cloak 5 of 5 times. They dodged 2 of 2.

Sometimes this games rng gets very streaky. Many losses will be to bad rng.

But we have streaks of good rng too. It doesnt feel like it, and sometimes it takes 40+ games to see it, but it eventually swings both ways.


That sucks - I had some lucky fuses and was able to create and level up in one go; I generally don’t put something on the team until it has levelled up at least once - the exception will probably be Indoraptor when I unlock it.


Yeah - its funny how the brain rages at the lack of crits, high opponent stuns and failed cloaks/dodges and struggles to remember the great crits, failed opponent stuns and constant cloaks/dodges :slight_smile:


Confuses the life out of me I can go from winning against someone with 21 stegodeous and 18 pyrirritaror on their team to battling someone with every unique in existence and a level 30 stegodeous🙃


I know alot of people bitch about it but this weekend I didnt have 1 cloak that worked. Meanwhile every opponents cloak worked 5 or 6 times in a row. I leveled my indoraptor up to 24 and he was useless. Went from 35th down to 130.


How about you read my post carefully before answering…