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What is going on with arena?

So we obviously don’t play vs actual players in the arena? I see people completely dominating, but I’m playing vs teams with more dragons than me and jacked up unrealistic abilities. What is this garbage after only 13 games??? I’m playing vs 11,000+ BP??!?

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Quote from the patch notes:

You’re indeed facing other players’ teams but they are beefed up because the devs thought it was a good idea. As it stands the defender has the upper hand and Sawmaw/MM just became even more OP.


Defending teams are way too OP. It’s ridiculous. Plus, rerolling players is a joke. Generally just reroll stronger players. They’ve already got teams of 6 defenders or more, why buff so much? Each dragon looks to get 500 more points. It’s insane! Not enjoying the arena at all at the moment.


Oh no, there are definitely bot opponents if you’re not in the top players. The names are a good give away. You’ll see players with two word names that clearly came from a random generator like “AmusedTrainer” and “CharmingMentor”. And then there’s my good budy “NewName” here

My Son of Skull is MAXED, but this guy has a 3 star that’s stronger. My Skullcrusher is stalled till I can get another one, but this one has about 400 on him. And a 3 star toothless is stronger then my 4star. But I’m supposed to have the stronger team in this match up according to those numbers. How does that work? How is this “balanced”?

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The NewName is a bug, this seems to be a real player. His dragons are stronger because defending teams are getting a stat buff as announced by Ludia in the description of the update and clarified in various posts in here asking about dragons that seem to be too strong for their stars. In my opinion the buff leads to a balanced Arena, but I guess that’s different for everyone.

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