What is going on


I’ve made it to the badlands and they are just that. I’ve reached a point the game has flipped from great fun to frustration. Firstly I’m entry level badlands and my player matching is way off, based on their Dino levels and checking their trophy count its way up there. The critical chance meter is off for both friend and foe, 5% chance shouldn’t happen 3+ times in one match surely. I just lost another match, I’m not saying it isn’t due to my play style or skill, but when someone lands a 1.5x attack whilst weakend, and I’ve done the maths pre decision to survive they manage to bust out a magical extra couple hundred points. Also not getting the critical animation.

Has it reached a point the game decides to throw enough frustration to make you want to buy buy buy? Is that the plan?


It definitely can become frustrating but it’s not intentional. I’ve had a match where they dodged 8 of my attacks with 2 creatures using cloak/evasion. The odds of doing that in a sequence are less than 1%. However, each turn is a new RNG and so the previous turn doesn’t really impact the % chances. Typically whenever you move up in a bracket, you will drop back down and then battle back in as you gather resources to improve your team. I’ve felt the frustration but it’s very “conspiracy theory like” to assume Ludia secretly messes with the odds to get you to buy bucks. Just keep playing and you will get over the plateau


I reached Badlands a couple weeks ago. Must have had 50+ battles there. Not one win. Not one. Every time it comes up I already know it’s going to be a loss. I’ll be matched up against a team full of hybrids and epics. I still play the game but is has certainly lost its luster for me after reaching badlands.


There are a lot of spoofers in the arenas, going up and down in an attempt to cause as much havoc as possible right now. Ludia didn’t ban them permanently, they only slapped them on the wrist and gave them a 24-hour time out, instead of just deleting their accounts permanently.

I’ve been dropping back down into badlands a lot from Lockdown. You think it’s hard in Badlands, just wait until you face players who have dinos maybe 1-2 levels above you that can stun on every turn, or crit endlessly.

Ludia needs to end this by getting rid of them permanently. That will help to re-balance the arenas.


I decided to pay for VIP as I don’t get out much and had Dino’s on the edge of my 150metres range and now they are on the edge of my 200metres range so won’t be paying for VIP again. My win to loose ratio in badlands is poor, critical hit rates are still way off for friend and foe and still can’t compare my Dino stats in game easily.

I was really enjoying this game hence I even paid but now it is loosing it’s appeal quickly.


I faced a guy who for all of his moves on me, on all dinos I had, he got critical hits for each of them, suspecting cheating was involved cause the likelihood of a critical is somewhat high but not every move being a critical


Just had a battle where the t rex with 56 health points came back in from an auto swap and got a critical killing my uninjured t rex! So much frustration


That actually sounds more like a RNG glitch to me. I’ve been having the same things happen to me. You get hit with back to back crits, and you get stun locked every time. Don’t know whether or not this could be from Ludia getting the game ready for the tournament, but it seemed to start right before.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of a hack that can mess with the RNG to give them crits and stuns every turn… but right now it’s too early to tell.


First battle of the day and the enemy gets 3 Crits on me and I get 0. Battles have a pattern to them now as well, it’s the same Dino’s and almost the same order. Why have soo many Dino’s to choose from if you can’t make their abilities interesting enough for people to play them? The pay to win scheme is super expensive too, an epic incubator that won’t guarantee an epic Dino costs approx £20, I can buy a AAA title for that price. A response from Ludia would be nice at this point.


Ludias response?


But please keep giving us your money and maybe we’ll consider fixing some of this stuff. Maybe. But probably not and if we do it’ll be only about half of what you want.

It’s obvious to most right now that they really don’t care what the community thinks. This is a game that’ll likely be dead in a year anyways so why actually fix anything when they can still keep collecting that money and only half heartedly fix anything before it dies.

Such a shame. The game was fun. Was. Now it’s actually gotten much worse in multiple ways. And their response to cheaters and spoofers is weak at best. Basically handing the game over to them. Again doing no favors to the community.


Just had a battle where I lost 3 0 as the epic stegotriceratops or whatever they are called got a crit on a 1.5 attack so 1900 points then a stun, my gorgosaurs down. T Rex comes out and gets stunned twice and goes down then Dino 3 gets a crit on it and then a stun.

LUDIA SORT THIS GAME OUT. Balance the Dino’s, make the current list of Dino’s diverse enough to play otherwise why bother with them. Populate the map as even as VIP I get 3 Dino’s within my radius. Crit chance needs fixing. Also reply to people who are apparently VIP to you. Take money and run isn’t nice.