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What is happening about still have old alliance rewards

What is happening about those who are still showing the last rewards, messaged support last Monday still no reply and rewards get given today, I need the new ones not more of the old ones.
Second time it’s happened and missed out on good rewards I needed last time .
Why do we have VIP as it gains nothing on anything, lost it on update had to mess about getting it back etc , customers service is terrible now for such a big company

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I got a response email that was very apologetic. They asked for some screenshots on Monday if I get the wrong weeks alliance rewards. Which is all fair enough, but a bit of a concern that Ludia don’t seem to know what is going to happen.

On my sons account he still got old rewards. Havent collected mine yet as I usually wait to help with missions

So I guess we should expect this every 2 weeks now?

I got old rewards rank 5 exploration 4 defence and really not happy

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I’m sorry to hear that you still have not received a response from our team yet, Shazbo1963. There might be some delays as our team is getting a lot more tickets than usual.

However, please rest assured that they’re working as fast as they can to try and get to everyone who needs assistance.

I just received word. I will be receiving the correct rewards soon. Thank you to all the members of the support team.:heart:

That’s nice to hear. I just sent a reply to the original email they sent me with screen shots and my support key. Hope to hear good news too

Wait, I didn’t take any screen shots but I got the Erliko rewards, and I know one of my alliance mates did as well. What can we do?