What is happening in Sorna?

I’m the same I have the mono but I just don’t like it I much prefer my monosegatops it doesn’t rely on luck as much as the mono apart from the stun obviously

Mine doesn’t know how to stun :joy:. Which is amazing coming from a stunner like Stegoceratops.

Mine seems to be an ok stunner as far as I can remember but I do "eat a lot of sandwiches " so my memory isn’t what it used to be :grin:

Oh you have indoraptor and your avg level is 19. I dont have indo and my avg lvl Is 17, 18

You’re not that far behind me . I hate sounding like a broken record but grind the dna and coin and before long you’ll get there

because ludia has been selling TREX and Vrapter dnas during halloween…

Forget selling them they have gifted them.

I’ve had mine long before that I’ve been playing since the game launched

There is going to be a ton of new Indominus and Indoraptors by tomorrow! I didn’t even have Indoraptor unlocked before Halloween and look at mine…plus I’ve still got Indo to dart tomorrow as well!

Personally I think it’s a good thing that players will be able to battle and learn to counter Indoraptor before they hit the Ruins, good practice.

with utarinex and diloracheirus flooded in the arena…indo will be the basic to fight against them…better together with spinotasuchus…

I’ll be getting mine around the same if I can just find more velo dna .who knew how much we’d need it

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I’ve got nine Halloween scents saved for that very reason :sunglasses::hugs:

That’s not a bad idea I’ve still got some cash left I mite buy one and try that but if it doesn’t work we all know who I’m blaming lol

I don’t think they are available anymore. I thought about that today…

I think I’ve got a velo nest at mine cos I seem to see them day and night so I’ll just keep the grind going till I get enough

Some people are farming in lower ruins for easy incubators. I’ve done this as well because my team can only get me to around 4600-4800, but still far away from lockdown. Since the rewards are the same from 4000 - 4999, it makes sense to farm in lower ruins and get easy wins.

Lucky i still got to grind up my indom to level 20

I’ve been in Sorna for most of the time I’ve been playing (since pre-release). I cannot crack 4k. Now I just play super casually and do a handful of battles a week, because I’m resigned to never getting out of Sorna.

Indo is a grind but will be so satisfying when you eventually get her unless we get an influx of people wanting her nerfed and she ends up useless after people working so hard to get her I myself am one fuse away from getting her my first unique so can’t wait :blush: I’m in the upper end of Sorna at the minute 39++ I go up I’m like yesss I’m there get in finally then one battle in no no back in Sorna peasant :joy: hopefully getting her will help me break that barrier

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