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What is happening to the weekly events?

I don’t know if I have missed some new update but what is happening to the weekly event, the green supply drops and the weekly dinosaurs? In one moment they are there and in the next one it’s gone.

Again, have I missed a new update or is this a bug?

Dinosaurs used to appear throughout the week, starting with commons and finishing with epics?

Not missing anything. Lydia nerfed the game


So how is the schedule now? Where can I read about it?

and the schedule is like this:

Thank you! Wished I knew this a few days ago, lost so many oppertunitys because of it :frowning:

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But why Lydia? Huh?

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No, I’m genuinely serious lol

Just because.

And to make people wonder “why Lydia”.


Sorry, but guess what I’m freaking handicapped. If people would spend more time playing the game and less time complaining.

Exactly, what the point of telling us your handicapped. This is a thread where the op is asking for clarification on the new event schedule… which was given to him and your rambling on about being handicapped and people complaining which both are off topic.


Also, IF Ludia decides to keep this horrid format long term, they should make the Rare and Epic columns less confusing. Right now it looks like M’s are Nodo AND Utah, and Tu and just Amarga… It’s not like there isn’t space below Utah they could have added to. Or, have the text split the days so it’s more clear.

Then again, they could always go back to the good 'ol format! :wink:

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Ludia wants more people to buy coins and incubators (DNA) so they reduced the amount of strike towers and event days.

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We need to get everyone not on the forums to join the forums and read this, maybe ludia will change their minds :thinking:

One of my daily missions today is to collect 645 Epic DNA. Fat chance. Thanks for breaking my streak, Ludia. The least you could do is take that chore out of rotation on the days there’s nothing out there. >:(

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There’s a coin sale right now

The change came in between folks complaining about DC and other things they should counter and not having free time with personal events and the alliance events. That’s all been a thing. Ludia gave part of what was asked for. Next DC will be nerfed so all players a level or two below the average of your opponent have next to zero chance of winning. But hey you’ll get Tuesday off. Thursday too. You can use these days to overlevel your Suchotator

Well technically :unamused:

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Its ludia wanting to make the game more annoying. They wanted to encourage people to keep playing by decreasing the number of events and towers