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What is happening with moderation?

I don’t know know if this fits here but there I go.

  1. Content automatically flagged without revision
  2. Content hidden without revision.
  3. Less than a minute to hide and destroy any travel of a post without asking OP or letting him. Or her. Know what was his (alleged) mistake.
  4. No answer to private messages to staff members.
  5. Seems the only people free to post are the ones who flag and make threads be hidden.
  6. Flagged for. Being innapropriate. What does that mean? My last post didn’t contain anything Explicit nor violence or out of. Terms
  7. Still many of us seeing and flagging actual innapropriate post which magically keep posted. Who are the authors?
  8. Many people talking each other to silence things that don’t want to be said.

Hey Pirulass, I’m sorry about that. :sweat:

J.C’s post here has some more information:

No it doesn’t.

I don’t really agree with last weeks forum working. I see some users are never "censored " While other keep being hidden.

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I put up a response in a post that was immediately “flagged by the community”. No lie, as soon as I hit the post button. How did that work?


I haven’t had one of my posts turn pink in a while.

You probably battled one of the mods and you beat them so they got the last laugh. I actually battled you the other day because I remembered your ig name. Dont recall who won though. Been a couple hundred battles since then.

I had a few like that as well. Said it was community flagged but it wasn’t even posted for a second.

Edit: ERMAGERD I got a cake!

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I was thinking the same thing the other day. Maybe a small fix to the forum software?

There are certain trigger words that the “community” will flag.

I got nearly a day ban for trolling while I wasn’t trolling. A user clicked the flag, and I was instantly banned. Couldn’t do anything about it. Couldn’t ask for a reason, couldn’t give an explanation about why I wasn’t trolling. I wasn’t given a reason. Just 1 click of a user.
Turned out it was all a big misunderstanding and someone misinterpreted a :stuck_out_tongue: smiley as being super offensive and rude and he thought I was deliberately trolling him.
So yeah, that was fun.
Anyway, stop banning people, stop hiding posts. Only when someone gets a flag of MULTIPLE users, like 5 at least or so. People are supposed to be 16 on the forums anyway, so what’s with all the censoring… Stop encouraging snowflake behavior.


Watch out disagreement with the mods is arguing and will trigger “auto filter” when they don’t like what you say… It results in a one month ban.

That’s why I’ve been so quiet for the last two or so months…


Hi ned,
I would like mods enter here and see out points of view.

And give us reasons on why accepting certain auto moderation actions and accepting certain users flags… When post are not really “flaggable” (Does this term exist?)