What is it with Gaming Beaver?

Watching his latest video on you tube and once again he insists we are playing bots in the battles . Well I played him last week so does that make him a bot ?
I don’t know why he is so critical of this game and it’s battle system , and many other aspects , but I just wondered if anyone else feels we are just fighting bots in battles ?


theres a thread here called “Gameplay worth watching” where some of us play each other… if you want proof that we actually play each other.


I think I attempted to watch some of his videos and I couldn’t do it. He assumes anyone with higher dinosaurs is a bot or a cheater. I have a 24 indo that may not be much but I worked hard for and I am for sure neither a bot or cheater. I’ve stopped watching cause anytime he plays someone better skilled or with better dinosaurs they must be a bot. Game play here is better to watch.


Yeah I believe we are playing real people , it’s him that keeps saying we aren’t . This is despite the fact that I played him randomly and commented on one of his you tube videos . Unsurprisingly he didn’t acknowledge that !


ive never watched his vids. have heard negative about him.


I played @wrothgar last night
… are we both bots??
Lol. In all seriousness though, @Poke_Fodder and @Pocemon are the only YT I find worth watching


That was a gg too! A few I think.


Literally thinks everyone is spoofing. Just because ppl work hard they must be cheaters. No way possible to have a team like that. Believe me I play this game for almost 16hrs daily. Couldnt even tell ya how to spoof


Yup, a 1-1 split :ok_hand:t2:
Your Diloracheirus is a beast


Exactly this , he has no fact based evidence to back his claims up . Even when he plays someone who is clearly legitimate he still says it’s all bots .
Is he allowed to keep saying this when it isn’t true ?


I’ve watched him for a while and I generally enjoy his content but his Jurassic World Alive videos are frankly abysmal. Nothing but whining and ranting about the same things over and over again. He has made no effort to improve his strategy in the arena, he’s constantly complaining that everyone he fights are just bots with rigged crit and dodge percentages.

He starts the video basically saying the raptor scent is pointless because V.raptor is a common spawn and “no one wants the other raptors because they’re useless.” Yeah sure, Pyroraptor is useless. Says the guy who uses Pyrritator.

I think this pretty much sums up my reaction to any one of his JWA videos:


I watched his videos since JP builder, I think he got too used to the fact that Ludia’s previous dino games are bots, so JWA must be bots although it’s not. Yes sometimes you face bots due to connection issues, but most of the times you aren’t.

I’m just interested how long is he going to be convinced that Ludia has already dealt with spoofing and cheating unlike Ludia’s previous dino games.

His tactics in battling really aren’t that great. You can tell by the fact that most of the times his opponents have lower level dinos than his. I love watching him fail due to misplays, sometimes they are quite funny.


And then inevitably blaming everything except his lack of skill for his failures. :rofl:


I don’t follow him anymore because all he does is cry that everyone is a bot and that anyone who is better player than him or has a better team is a hacker lol.

Plus his laugh is so irritating to hear more than once! I only pray for his sake that he puts it on for the videos, because if thats his real laugh…I feel bad for him!


I hate his videos. I watched his JW Evolution vids, and he’s just trying so hard to be funny, but failing. He’s not funny, he’s annoying. There’s a distinct difference.

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Haha ty!! Your counter attack team caught me by surprise!

I like GB, so I can’t think of anything negative about his JWA vids. I’ll admit that it may be biased, but still… And even then, if I find anything I don’t like, then I’ll address it… But like I said, I haven’t thought negatively about him yet :confounded:

That said, what I didn’t like about his most recent vid was that he said that the Raptor scents were useless. Now that is uncool! Just because he doesn’t use Owen’s Raptors doesn’t mean that they are overall useless. I use Blue for fun on the lower leveled Strike Towers, but I really want to use Delta - I have her at Level 14, and I plan on using her for more serious battles once she’s leveled high enough.

If anything, I would use the scent for normal raptor, Delta and Blue. So yeah, I would use it if it was given to me. The fact that he’s darting dinos that are used for Legendaries and Uniques and discarding other rares is not cool. One day, I hope I can fight him with a well rounded team - with a high leveled Delta. He thinks he has her on the rope, but nope, Hit-and-Run right to a flipping Indominus or even my first ever Unique.

Bam! He loses. Just to prove a point…

But then again, that’s just me fantasizing again :yum::hugs::roll_eyes:


This Is so true

He never talks about game strategy in the JW:Evo vids, he usually just pits 2 different dinos against an indoraptor to see who comes out on top, or builds a giant combat arena on Nublar (the “sandbox” island in that game) to use for his own cruel purposes.

He delights in pitting these creatures against each other for sport, while making really horrid jokes, or trying to be witty.

I know that in his head he must think he’s hilarious, but all I see is a person gleefully murdering digital animals for his amusement. If he does that to video game animals, would you trust him to not do the same with a real one?

I think the RSPCA should have a chat with him, just to verify that he’s not a danger to doggos, cats, or any other aminals.

I’ve played against several people who post here and are certainly no bots (you know who you are :wink:).

Actually, here in upper Arena 8 I very rarely encounter bots.

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