What is it with Gaming Beaver?

I’ve had great luck with the raptor scents. Ran out of darts. Got a pretty good sum of velo DNA.

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Sigh. There’s nothing wrong with not liking someone’s YouTube content. The above argument, however, is quite irrational. Consider role-playing video games (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Doki Doki Literature Club, among a multitude of others) where the player makes choices that affect how the game plays out and ends. So everyone who picks the “worst” option in the list of options, which might include killing or fighting an opponent, should be considered a potentially dangerous or messed up person in need of close monitoring? Blanket statements like that turn into gross exaggerations that don’t make the video gaming community look good.

Again, I mean no disrespect.

It’s perfectly fine not to like “battle royale” videos where a bunch of dinos are fighting one another…but it’s also perfectly fine that some people (myself included) don’t mind watching prehistoric InGen-created monsters fight one another—and I’m sure a lot of those people take great care of their real, living pets.


He has to be the worse youtuber that covers this game… he doesnt understand simple battle strategy spends most his time complaining about playing bots instead of keeping track of what skills his opponent used.

And anyone who has higher level dinos is a spoofer…

I used to watch his channel but his coverage of jwa made me stop watching if someone cant take the time to be bothered to learn to play a game i cant be bothered to watch.

Pokefodder (who also isnt the best at battles) and pocemon are both much better.


I like pokefodder too , he seems like a really nice guy , no hidden agenda and is just like the rest of us .


He does have a dog called Basil. Either it’s his or he’s looking after it for his parents. As far as I’m aware, Basil is a fairly old dog and does need more care as a result.

How well GB cares for him I can’t say, but I’d have to agree with @Katja on this one. Just because he pits 1s and 0s against each other in fights to the death doesn’t mean he’s cruel to animals. Any half sensible person knows the difference between video games and real life.


I watched his latest video and it was painful to watch him battle…some of his decisions and the way he battles just make me cringe on the inside…

Made me laugh when he said “I have played the best I can”.

his videos are trash and he is super annoying i cant stand to hear his voice to even see if the videos have good content. And futher more just watch Poke fodder and Poceman there up to date and really concerned with getting out good information for people to play better…

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Truth. @Poke_Fodder and @Pocemon are best,


Yep. Agreed.

Beaver reviews the games! He gets paid to play the game and review it! Hes saying hid opinion on the game… hes saying everyone is a bot because he wants to keep his reputation… just calm down, he gets paid to play the games, and that’s all the youtubers really care about. Jesus :expressionless:

Thinking from a positive perspective. He has lots of viewers that may learn from his abysmal tactics, which will make us easier to win arena incubators.


He does let’s plays not reviews. And how exactly is claiming everyone he fights is a bot helping to “keep his reputation”? What kind of reputation is he trying to keep exactly?


I so totaly agree! He just won’t like this game to atleast 60%!

So he can feel like that hes winning, and that the game is unfair and unplayable… he wants everyone to think that hes bad because “everyones a bot”.

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Fair enough, though in my opinion, he’d be better off improving his skills in the arena and providing his viewers with interesting tactics and entertaining gameplay. But that’s just me.

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Ik… I was watching him this morning,(and by him I mean his videos) and he was ok… but yeah, that’s what we are all feeling… he is that way… but aren’t we all? (Dont take me seriously when I said that)

Telling us to calm down , and using a profanity like Jesus in your posts is kinda confusing . What are you actually trying to say ?
You agree that he is full of it or not ?
You watched his videos and thought he was alright , but then say he says they are bots so he doesn’t look so bad . Which ultimately makes the game look bad all over his you tube channel .

First of all, I wasnt even talking to you. Second, how is the name Jesus profanity? If you read my posts towards Valar, you would realise I wasn’t talking to you…

I don’t watch his other gaming vid so I can’t tell but for JWA the content is just not here. He doesn’t invest time to make enough content quality and saying every other time bots or spoofers are everywhere is not helping. Imo it’s not interesting at all.

There are a lot of quality Youtubers dedicated to the game like pocemon or many other. Even us (like @wrothgar , @Hersh or me) are trying to produce interesting content without nonsense…