What is it?


Hi what is it??

What's the new icon at "launch" screen?
Whats this symbol mean
Little white icon
New Update is coming?
What is this icon?

Just spotted this myself. Was about to ask about it.
Wasn’t there this morning, then there was a little update and now it’s there. Doesn’t seem to do anything though.


It’s kind of driving me nuts that I can’t find an answer to this mystery icon…


It’s probably for some manner of new feature that hasn’t been added yet.

Stay tuned. :stuck_out_tongue:


I noticed something new at the screen when you tap at dino. It’s at event and regular dino the same, not interactive.



Yeah, that’s starting to bug me a little. C’mon, Ludia - tell us what that thing is!



Just curious


Did anyone know what the symbol is standing for ? Maybe for an upcoming Update ?



I wondered that myself.


I actually just came here to find out the same thing, that daft little icon has been annoying me today :joy::joy:


That would be my guess. I wonder if it’s some sort of tweak to the AR system. Maybe something that allows you to dart the dinos in an AR environment, like PoGo.


That would be sweey just wish my phone was AR Compatible if that is the case


You guys are thinking to big, i think its just an indicator if you already have the dino, but im not sure


This icon is on every spawn. It ‘bounces’ when clicked on and it looks like a person?


Nobody knows…
Wait, it bounces now? Didn’t used to do anything as far as I could tell.


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I once saw a dino that didn’t have it, but didn’t think anything of it, and now I want to know who it was so i can figure out what’s different about it.

I’ll keep my eye on this thread, because I’d love to know. The little bugger showed up out of nowhere!


I’m still thinking that Ludia is keeping spoilers at bay. Good for them. My guess is that it might eventually allow you to dart a dino in AR, sort of like what Niantic did with PoGo. That’s just a guess, don’t bank on it actually being correct.


This just in hot off the presses: Mystery Icon Meaning has JWA players baffled beyong belief.



It means ”you’re low on coins, are you sure you want this DNA if you have no coins to evolve?”


When you tap on the logo, you can hear a click sound, could be a new interaction :man_shrugging: