What is Ludia gonna do?


I assume Ludia is a company that wants to make a lot of money with their games. Also with Jurassic World Alive.

So who is bringing in this game the big bucks to Ludia :the cheaters/spoorfers or those who don’t?

If it is the cheaters/spoofers, maybe even with a VIP mebership, then Ludia is going to make a lot less money. At the other hand if Ludia is not banning the cheaters/spoofers then there is a change that a lot of non cheaters/spoofers gonna quit the game.(and the non cheaters/spoofer also spent money on this game).

So a difficult choice for Ludia i guess.

How do you think about the above?


I don’t worry myself about the future, I just enjoy the game we have right now.


Can’t see how cheats would be VIP, range etc wouldn’t be an issue for them when they can reach anywhere in the world from their couch. No doubt they are definitely spending money though, look at the top 50-100 in rank. A lot of spoofers but also a lot of coins paid for.

Spoofers may or may not be dealt with. With how quiet Ludia has been over the whole thing it doesn’t look terribly promising though.


Thinking about VIP and spoofers lately. They might get it just for the extra time to collect DNA.


Does VIP give higher daily coin and cash limits? Could be another reason to VIP and spoof.


If you offer a choice between right and wrong it should be easy.

If your follow up question is which gets me more money you are not worth talking to.