What is ludia thinking


+ok so what are the problems in jwa right now?
-stegodeus is too op sir
+ok let it be what else
-diloranasaurus is too powerful too
+give it a unique hybrid and change nothing else. lets nerf gorgosuchus
-but sir it can counter stegod…
+well ok what else
-stegoceratops is kinda problematic too
+buff stegoceratops
+just buff it.
+anything else
-well people dont like the amount of RNG involved
+decrease delay on insta charge and add more RNG abilities
-seriously sir?
-ok sir done. anything else
+yes i want wounding to be a thing in the meta lets make wounding better
-well that isnt unreasonable diversifying the meta might actually be…
+add in swap in abilities too so switching dinos is more viable.

‘during ludia patch development’


I’m kinda looking forward for how these changes affect the meta, but I gotta give it to you, that was one funny conversation :rofl:


Honestly, this has to be about how the conversation went!! lol

Love it.


While people complain about the impending changes, others will adapt!


i too will adapt. that doesnt mean the game is problemless or this patch solves the entire problem.


Good but not enough, you forget about rexy atk nerf and her unnecessary dss move.


and ankylo shield immunity nerf but i only wrote high tier changes


How can someone complain and decide whats op and not if you havent gotten the full legendary and unique lineup. You gotta collect first and build something to a certain level before saying otherwise. Everything you complained about actuaally isnt true when you reach higher levels. Those OP your complaining is actually not a problem for many who understands what counters are needed. Of course tanks are better off buffed. lvl 24-26 stegodeous can defeat even indoraptor if used timely. Collect and select which dino you wanna level up. checked th top rankings and their teams, i gives you insight as what to build.


i mean you dont need to lay eggs to know if eggs taste good. i dont need to have all dinos to know which is op


How do we know about these stat changes? I can read it everywhere (the buffs/debuffs and delay change) but i can’t find the source. Thanks



Idk, personally, I’m looking forward to the coming changes and seeing how they play out. On paper, I do wonder about some of them, but I also think the shaking up of the tank meta and making cleansing moves and swaps more effective with SIA’s is going to be fun. I can’t imagine at all that’s how the update conversation went…its almost as if you believe they are active trying to make the game less fun for some reason. If its that bad, why still play? Okay, I get you love the concept/the game/Jurassic Park, but if that’s all you’re going to do is complain about the updates it may be time to step back from the game for a while. There’s way more constructive ways to offer feedback.


I did offer constructive feedback on other posts. This is just ment as a comic relief. I do like the game but i think the patch makes stegod even stronger since gorgo cant kill it now. And stegod must get nerfed not buffed


I did laugh at this, but I saw in another post you were calling for a raptor nerf and since you’re calling for a Stegodeus nerf here it seems a little bit like you want every dinosaur you don’t use/like nerfed :sweat_smile:


What no??? It was a post about someone else wanting raptor nerf and i said no it isnt necessary at all. I dont think raptors should get nerfed. They can get buffed a little honestly. Also i do play stegodeus but i still think it should be nerfed


OH then I misremembered the raptor post and I’m very sorry about that! I did enjoy your post!


Thanks :blush: 202020202020