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What is ludia?

Hello all,
i just want to know what is ludia ? can anyone tell me

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The company behind JWA. Made some other games too.


Short for Ludicrous :wink:


It means “people” in Slovak and maybe some other slavic languages

Pretty ironic tbh

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I smell a spambot in here! :thinking:

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In Spanish there is a word “ LÚDICO” which is basically everything related to PLAY, GAME, ENTERTAINMENT.

It doesn’t mention BOOSTS though.:grimacing:

What is Ludia?

Baby don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me
No more

Ok, that was lame. Sorry.


Flag em and tag em

It’s the strongest Unique creature in the game. It is made by fusing the other 2 Strongest creatures, Thoradolosaur (aka Thor) and Dracoceratops (aka The Rat).

So if we use the equivalent Bulgarian letters, Ludia can be written as “Лудиа”. If we change the last letter and make it “Лудия” (this is read as “Ludiya”), it would mean “The crazy/insane one”.

Thread derailed.