What is Ludia's problem with Smilonemys?

Does anyone really consider Smilonemys a great threat in this patch? I find the nerf unjustified and gratuitous


Smilonenemys hasn’t been much of a threat for a long time tbh.


Smilonemys was rubbish before this update and will become even worse.
This isn’t the first time, it has been nerfed from day one.


I hate this update for Smilo. Mines at 24 and I was in the process of levelling it up further. Think now is the perfect timed excuse to swap it out for Spyx/Gemini


Makes you wonder why did they even put it in the game if they hate it so much.
If feels like it was a creature that no dev liked but was released accidentally, and since removing it isn’t an option after that, they nerf it with hatred every time they get the chance :smiley:


well let me tell you the story of Ludia and Smilonemys
opens old story book and adjusts glasses
Once upon a time there were 2 kings, Ludia and Smilonemys. Ludia used to rule the kingdom with an iron fist constantly taxing the poor and using resources only to benefit himself, Smilonemys had an idea to rise above the king and lead a revolution in order to stop the tyranny that was Ludia’s rulership. Ludia however had a spy which told everything about Smilonemys plan to stop Ludia from keeping rulership of the kingdom. Ludia then invited Smilonemys over to discuss the kingdom, Smilonemys claimed that Ludia was too harsh on the people and they wanted a new ruler. The conversation ended with both sides drinking a nice glass of apple cider farmed from the trees that Ludia farmed from. 5 days later Smilonemys died from poisoning but the revolution still went on. The revolutionaries were strong but Ludia’s forces were stronger and easily demolished the forces. No one questioned Ludia after that


Great story hahahaha
It’s really ridiculous, Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex and Trykosaurus can blow it up with one hit because their “deliberate prowl” is useless. At least of its resistances should give another one more to 100% but swap to 40% useless and speed decrease to 50% useless
Ludia where is your top metagame creature that I do not look at where???

And those who do get silenced…

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I was expecting a slight buff rather than nerf. It was fine. 300 hp nerf is hard.