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What is New Years glory?

Out of habit I closed the ad for New Years Glory before reading it - what is this?

I’m assuming it’s not a special case of morning glory :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they are basically just running non-stop Moment of Glory events for a period of time. Not sure exactly how long. But the first one that came up for me is ending in about 15 minutes and my expectation is that a new one with a new hero will start right away.

Oh it says 48 hours. So that would be 24 events! Of course you’d be asleep for some of them.

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So it’s not cleric and his epic bone rearing his ugly head again :wink:

Good stuff! I haven’t bothered with the first one at sharpstone keep, better rewards just paying for normal challenges. I wonder what difficulty level dungeon it becomes worthwhile at?

I agree especially since right now there are 2 really good rewards for me in Lightfinger. I guess I’ll just keep checking to see when the 19s or 20s have something good. This is great though for players who don’t yet have a lot of gold though being able to run challenges essentially for free for 2 days is pretty great.

Yes it’s awesome for newish players but if it’s just going to be low level dungeons (which one would expect) then not much use for higher level players.

Was hoping for some more 2 for 1 deals :slight_smile:

Oh yeah that is the other thing it looks like for every Moment of Glory there will also the $6.99 deal for gear packs for the hero. I didn’t buy it so don’t know if it gets followed up by the more expensive one that includes Legendary gear. I’ll find out when they get to Jarlaxle though!

Oh ok didn’t notice that cheers

Nope nothing after sharpstone keep :op

Oops there it is after slight lag

Rock monster, not worth doing

Yes, I got the same thing. Took a minute, now Frostsilver Mines. Maybe they will keep going up the ladder, which would mean my first decent one will be while I’m asleep but at least if there is a pattern we can map out what we want to do. It may not benefit me personally that much but with all the bad vibes lately towards Ludia I do think this is a pretty great thing for them to offer.

Just a reminder that if you don’t see a currently running “Moment of Glory” during this event, you probably need to close and restart your app.

Based on the first 6.5 hours of New Years Glory, it appears the event may continue repeating the 3 beginners’ rooms only. The continued trend of avoiding worthwhile Challenges for such events is disappointing, but unsurprising.

Poop went out and it’s back to sharpstone keep

Hidden forge might just sneak into worth playing?

I wonder what happened to free legendary with vip purchase? It happened two times in the past 3 or 4 months and then just… disappeared.