What is 'Passive'?

The title say’s it all…

If you mean passive abilities, they are abilities that trigger under certain circumstances. For example, Concavenator has Defense Shattering Counter (passive). So when she takes damage and survives, she’ll perform that action without you having to activate it.

Hope that helps.

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Counters which are attacks that happen after a main attack, on escape when the target tries to escape, and swap in

Also resistances and immunities are passive i guess

Thats what i dont get
How are resistances and immunities passive?

passives happen automatically without the input of the individual. the opponent can do something to activate teh ability or resistance, but the user does nothing.


Everyone is correct so far, but personally I find it more helpful to think of counters, Swap ins, and on escapes separately from one another since they don’t fill a singular “passive” move slot on a dino (though all of them are still passives).

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I would consider swap ins a subset of active abilities since the individual using it has to give some input. With counters and on escapes being closer to true passives.

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Another reason why they could be considered separate. Or you could choose to swap to a dino because it had a counter and you don’t have any damaging cooldowns up, or maybe your trying to swap to a no escape dino to trap your opponent. Even though these tend to be more niche, all of these attacks can be technically “selected” in this way, you just aren’t hitting the button for the move itself.

The one true Passive I can think of is absorb, since it doesn’t quite fit the other categories, but absorb is kinda strange in general.