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"What is Refrenantem?" Suggestion

will refrenantem be coming to jwa in 2.7?

based on the leaked datamine description i am sure it can be a snake

Could it be a terror bird, like phosora and it’s INSTANT rampage or “rush”

Could also be a Dilophosaur. really hope it’s a snake though

There is also a chance that he is a crocodile

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I want a snek

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ludia dont fail me

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As of now i think we will get 2.7 in two weeks probably that they can release the notes on the same day the new camp cretaceous season 3 arrives that they can add E750, bumpy, ceratosaurus and perhaps a new gallimimus and dimorphodon. They also wouldn’t have to spoil e750s components if we are getting them in the show

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yes and after a long time I want a new apex, I like the idea of the Refrenantem, maybe they should add it I doubt they’ll add new apexes though knowing Ludia

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Most likley this week, the blue boss was leaked to come out on the 11th i think

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Yep. I’ve seen it now and we also probably get bumpy as the second legendary non hybrid. As well as Deinotherium, a hybrid called andrewtherium wich is probably Andrewsarcus + Deinotherium, scutophicyon (Scutosaurus + Amphicyon) . oh and i forgot tsintaomoth and meghistocurus


As it has been revealed, Refrenantem is a giant dilophosaur. Hopefully a snake boss comes soon!