What is smart to improve my line up

What is a good way to improve my lineup? I was thinking upgrading my osto, I also want to upgrade my seco and gen 2 dilo.

you can handle a level 10 indoraptor…

the smart way… is stop level up indoraptor :joy:
think about the following … you have a team and all your players are important … you choose to give privileges to just one player instead of balancing the rest of the team … will it be that only a very good player carries the all team behind his back?..


The smart thing to do is to not listen to this guy :joy:

Do NOT level indoraptor any further, having one super op creature is fine but 2 op creatures is not. Having one only makes your battles slightly harder but still beatable but having multiple strong creatures makes it so that only your strong creatures can beat the events.


Sometimes it is better to take a step backwards than forwards when one is standing on the edge of a cliff.

Ponders the world around him


Sell the level 20 indoraptor.

Then find creatures (not carnivores) that you can fit in between your indominus ferocity and tanys ferocity.

I’m sure currently you will be stuck in PvE if you face a lot of amphibians, you need a balance of different classes above tany to make your events easier.


he already has a level 20 indoraptor
and its not at his top 3
im not saying level 30 indo
just a level 10

Their pictures are out of sequence, the level 20 Indoraptor is their top creature, their level 3 Indoraptor is their third strongest creature. Right now their top ferocity trend is a cliff, as in the OP has a very large drop off in ferocity over their top three, worse yet the drop continues through their top 11 creatures.

Adding to the top three in terms of strength will only exacerbate the problem especially if you are taking one of the top 11 creatures to do so.

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that makes sense.
then dont level up the indo!!!


“and its not at his top 3”… sure?

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@Dinosaurs can you take better screenshots of your lineup? I cant tell if monostegotops is straight after your level 20 priotrodon, if it is then you have a lot of work to do.

Priotrodon its above. more damage

I meant if its straight after in his lineup then that’s a big drop again from stegoceratops to eudi.

Or straight below I mean, only 7 creatures of around that ferocity before it drops again to his level 20 vips.

priotrodon has more ferocity than mono

I know that, I was saying that if mono sits just below prio then he hasn’t got a lot of strong creatures to use for pve

in reality the whole team is unbalanced…

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